illmotion Sunday School Show & Shine: Part 2

Let’s keep it coming… I think there will be 5 parts in total if I did my math right and if I edit all the pictures I’ve looked at so far.

Thanks for the shares and feedback last night! It’s been dead as hell around here, so it’s nice to have some good content back up…

I will say though – as I go through the pics, I’m still impressed with how far this car scene has come. I love that people are paying attention to quality parts and making it all work together. The first 2 years of this show – compared to the last 2 years – were mediocre at best. You’d see most cars that were lowered and on wheels, and you’d be lucky to see if they were anything other than Rotas. Now, it’s all out and despite the shit that the economy took over the last year – it seems as though every single one of these car guys must have gotten some huge bonus. It is enlightening. Whether you just saved up your lunch money allowance or you’re busy busting your balls 9-5, you guys helped kill it again this year and I really want that to keep happening.

Ah man, I’m getting teary eyed at how good this is. I’ll keep my blabbering at a minimum and spread it across all my posts. I’m sure most of you just scroll through till you see your car anyway LOL.

IMG_9571 copy

Corey’s S2000 up front.

IMG_9572 copy

Ryan’s EP3 – the Unicorn. It comes out twice a year and that’s it, I’m sure. The fact that this car is still as mint as the first day I saw it back in 2008 astonishes me. lol

IMG_9574 copy

JC’s CT200h. Peep the new TRD sideskirt addition

IMG_9576 copy

Punit’s GS450h – yes, he brought both his cars out. I’m digging the new colour of the wheels the more I see it.

IMG_9580 copy

Steve’s GTR – he, too also brought both his cars out. MBN, fam… MBN…

IMG_9583 copy

Alicia’s bagged Golf on VS-XX’s

IMG_9588 copy

The Black Swan!!!!

IMG_9590 copy

Over in the 403Media section…

IMG_9591 copy

IMG_9595 copy

A custom fabricated splitter. A little rough and not sure how it would hold up at high speeds but custom splitters seem to be the new hype lately.

IMG_9597 copy

All black Silvia on Work XT7’s… Brings me back to my first set of real wheels.

IMG_9603 copy

Nice color on this R32

IMG_9604 copy

Datsun 240Z

IMG_9606 copy

Oldschool MR2

IMG_9609 copy


IMG_9610 copy

Benny’s F20-swapped AE86… At least I think it’s still Benny’s… I remember shooting this way back in the day… Correct me if I’m wrong!

IMG_9612 copy

IMG_9613 copy

Romel’s Celica. God this thing is beautiful.

IMG_9614 copy

IMG_9615 copy

IMG_9616 copy

IMG_9619 copy

IMG_9620 copy

Over in the Bag Barn area – this is no stranger. Quite a build…

IMG_9622 copy

Something different this year – at least I think – was the Import Dolls section. I believe their banner said it was an “All Female International Car Club”. Cool to see they’re doing their own thing. I’d like to see more stuff come out of the group next year for sure.

IMG_9621 copy

An Integra from the Import Dolls group

IMG_9623 copy

Kia Forte – a different choice for modding, but clean nonetheless.

IMG_9624 copy

IMG_9625 copy

This Camaro was cool – dumped on the ground. Exactly how I’d do a Camaro if I had one…

IMG_9627 copy

Jake’s LS-swapped S14 starting off the Haute AG section. Super clean.

IMG_9629 copy

Rad bay too – shaved and repainted. Nicely done.

IMG_9630 copy

A bunch of powerhouses next to each other – a Supercharged G35

IMG_9631 copy

Snake skin wrapped or dipped grill and piping

IMG_9632 copy

LS-swapped GS. LS Swaps everywhere!! Now I want one…

IMG_9633 copy

IMG_9634 copy

IMG_9637 copy

Daniel’s track-prepped M3 – the face of Haute AG with Yokohama-inspired livery.

IMG_9639 copy

Back over at the booth – a shot of some of the prizes to be won.

IMG_9640 copy

The amazing trophies this year – supplied by Speed Options.

IMG_9645 copy

Nick Prah’s FD with absolutely perfect paint. What more to expect from the paint expert, I suppose šŸ™‚

IMG_9647 copy

Kaylee’s S14 with a freshly painted hood by Nick.

IMG_9651 copy

Landon’s RB 240SX – still one of my favourites.

IMG_9656 copy

Forgive me – I don’t know the owner – but a RB 350Z. One of the first I’ve seen and it’s also bad ass as hell. Like the 350Z wasn’t wide enough out back…

Update – the owners name is Brandon and this was also painted and put together by Nick. 

IMG_9657 copy

Great lineup

IMG_9658 copy

Richard’s supercharged Mustang. Another immaculate build that kind of came out of no where a few years ago at Driven.

IMG_9660 copy

Devin’s GC8

IMG_9661 copy

Giuseppe’s R32 – the new internet sensation it seems… I guess he’s not only just BIGNJPN anymore.

IMG_9664 copy

One of the winners at Driven YYC this year was this R32 on RE30’s and a very clean engine bay. Lots of the engine components have a neochrome finish.

IMG_9666 copy

Jimmy’s M3 – looking good as usual on diamond dark gunmetal ZE40’s

IMG_9667 copy

Another nice sight was this RC-F on TE’s. Not a popular chassis at this time due to the price point… But those that can, do it for the rest of us!

IMG_9670 copy

One more shot of Jimmy’s M3

IMG_9672 copy

Clean Supra at the VEX booth

IMG_9673 copy

IMG_9674 copy

The AE86 that was put back to near stock and mint condition. Perfection.

IMG_9675 copy

Jimmy’s Datsun 240Z

IMG_9676 copy

IMG_9677 copy

Track prepped FRS. This one is all out.

IMG_9678 copy

Crazy widebody RX-7 fitted with a Voltex wing. This car is beautiful!

IMG_9684 copy

Errol’s RSX-S rocking new Rize Japan LED tail lights

IMG_9685 copy

The only one in the show that parked backwards. That’s OK – he’s showing off the tail lights. šŸ™‚

IMG_9687 copy

IMG_9688 copy

Kanji’s BRZ

IMG_9689 copy

IMG_9690 copy

IMG_9692 copy

I was digging this car – I love the Super Advan Racing three spokes and it fit very well on this RX7. So clean.

IMG_9694 copy

Aw man! Part 2 is done already! Part 3 tomorrow!

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