illmotion Sunday School Show & Shine: Part 1

Here we go!!!

And yet another day of Sunday School has come and gone – one of the most anticipated car shows this city has to offer, I’d say… As always – this show just gets better every year and it never ceases to amaze me just how much the quality of cars has increased over the years. There are cars that I’m almost certain never see the day of light until the day of the show comes – you never see them on social media, no one ever posts about them – and BAM, some crazy build just shows up.

Huge thanks to the boys at illmotion for putting on and organizing another amazing show. This is no small feat – there is a painstaking amount of work to just organize where the cars will park, let alone booking the venue and making sure the rest of the day goes smooth. From having people man the stand, to making sure good music is playing, to judging and awards – only a good team can carry that burden and the illmotion guys do it effortlessly.

Anyway, I’m still in the process of editing the photos – I took some 500+ photos yesterday and it took a few hours to get through it all with the crazy heat. Every year, it always ends up being a scorcher… I’m not complaining, but I also wouldn’t have complained if it was just 5 degrees cooler LOL. Now I – and I’m sure most of you – are stuck with a ridiculous tank top tan or for the unfortunate few – a t-shirt tan.

Tons of photos to come… and AS ALWAYS – I try to take photos of everyone’s car… If I end up waiting too long or you’re representing your whip too hard – then no dice on photos, ladies and gentlemen. The photos are generally in order but I may have gotten distracted and walked the other way. There still may be a chance your car is in here in later posts if you don’t see it. Enjoy!

IMG_9411 copy

I was a little late for roll in than usual since I had to work that morning… but it gave me some photo opportunities.

IMG_9413 copy

Nick AKA Chowfun suddenly appeared behind me.

IMG_9416 copy

The line up going up the hill…

IMG_9418 copy

Corey telling everyone where to park.

IMG_9419 copy

Corey and JC asking where my info is… Shit…

IMG_9421 copy

Ah the excitement builds!!

IMG_9443 copy

Starting off at the entrance… Jackie’s Type R made its debut outfitted with full-on aggressive aero. Beautiful.

IMG_9444 copy

IMG_9446 copy

Errol’s Amuse S2000 – I think it comes out once a year. Correction – this Isaac’s car now! I didn’t even know he purchased it until now. 

IMG_9447 copy

Alex’s infamous Integra… No stranger to the Calgary scene.

IMG_9450 copy

Alex’s other car – a fresh K-swapped EM1 fitted with bronze CE’s, Endless BBK, first molding carbon lip, Mugen wing… Beautiful.

IMG_9452 copy

The two together.

IMG_9455 copy

IMG_9457 copy

IMG_9453 copy

Brads EM1

IMG_9459 copy

Brandon’s RSX-S on white TE37’s

IMG_9461 copy

Justin’s S2000 on black TE37’s

IMG_9464 copy

Aldo’s S2000 – ASM bumper, Regas, and Voltex wing.

IMG_9469 copy

Another sight for sore eyes – Punit’s Integra on bronze RE30’s

IMG_9470 copy

JDM converted Type R

IMG_9472 copy

With a USDM front Type R right beside it.

IMG_9474 copy

IMG_9475 copy

IMG_9477 copy

Levi’s freshly finished RB V2 BRZ. This was absolutely mint – the body and paintwork were fantastic. The bronze Meister 3PC fit so well.

IMG_9479 copy

Fitted with a RB V1 wing rather than the V2 trunk lip.

IMG_9481 copy

Kelvin’s 240SX on white TE37’s

IMG_9483 copy

David’s bagged IS on Weds Kranze Vishunu’s. Love this look.

IMG_9484 copy

Steve’s RSX

IMG_9486 copy

IMG_9487 copy

IMG_9489 copy

Jack’s LS-swapped 240SX

IMG_9491 copy

Nick’s Porsche 911 GT3 fitted with a Voltex wing. Love it.

IMG_9493 copy

4Runner on Bronze TE37’s

IMG_9497 copy

Jackson’s bagged Sienna on Weds Kranze LXZ’s. Every Soccer Dad’s dream ride.

IMG_9501 copy

IMG_9503 copy

IMG_9505 copy

IMG_9508 copy

A wrapped R33 GTST

IMG_9509 copy

IMG_9512 copy

Jesse’s Toyota Supra

IMG_9515 copy

Rob’s LS-swapped 240SX

IMG_9516 copy

Jason’s wrapped BRZ

IMG_9517 copy

IMG_9518 copy

IMG_9519 copy

IMG_9521 copy


IMG_9523 copy

Not sure what was going on with this at all. Sideskirts were all warped – unless that was on purpose, the front splitter looked like it fell off. I’m not sure what to think…

IMG_9527 copy

Kasem’s Amuse S2000 on bronze ZE40’s

IMG_9531 copy

Ryan’s MR2 with a custom grey set of TE37’s

IMG_9532 copy

IMG_9534 copy

Michael’s RX7

IMG_9535 copy

IMG_9538 copy

Ryan’s Ferrari on Work Meisters

IMG_9540 copy

IMG_9542 copy

IMG_9544 copy


IMG_9548 copy

IMG_9549 copy

IMG_9550 copy

IMG_9551 copy

IMG_9552 copy

IMG_9554 copy

Peter’s FRS from Edmonton – had a “wedding” theme going on with the car – with “Bride” on the passenger door and “Groom” on the driver door.

IMG_9555 copy

IMG_9556 copy

IMG_9557 copy

IMG_9558 copy

IMG_9559 copy

IMG_9561 copy

This was hands down my favourite car at the show. Perfectly executed – Varis wide body, aggressive ZE40’s and interior was  done up nicely. This deserves kudos – good job sir.

IMG_9562 copy

IMG_9563 copy

IMG_9565 copy

Shaylee’s 240SX

IMG_9568 copy

Arif’s Civic – the Project Mu BBK peaking from behind the CE28’s

IMG_9566 copy

IMG_9569 copy

Ending it here with Eric’s S15. I think this is the best shot I took all day LOL.

Part 2 coming soon!

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