Red Pill or Blue Pill? Maserati Quattroporte vs BMW 750i

Finally some car-related content for you guys! Finally stretching out my legs and did a photoshoot. This time it was for my uncle and his two cars – a Maserati Quattroporte and a BMW 750 – two big body cars that I would probably put air on and some 22’s. LOL

Ricky and I double-teamed this one and took a bunch of photos early in the morning for this in an empty parkade downtown – a location some of you may be familiar with and/or may have seen with some other shoots I’ve done. It seemed like a well-suited spot for these two cars – downtown, high rises, classier cars, and pretty much an undisturbed location for a Sunday morning.

We used Ricky’s rig to take some rig shots to get the rollers out of the way which turned out pretty good. Then we took turns taking stills of each car around the parkade. I think overall – a good photoshoot, albeit a little different than what I usually shoot – still a good experience.

The Maserati is a new kind of car for me – an Italian, luxury 4-door chariot. The uncanny front grill of the Maserati is what really stands out. It’s a more sporty version of the typical big body sedans you see – like the Lexus LS and Mercedes S-class. It’s a longer car than the BMW 7-series but it doesn’t feel like it. The car just smells Italian – you get inside and all you smell is the leather – and if you enjoy that smell, then prepare your nostrils for their own smellgasm. It growls when you start it up and continues growling until the end of your trip when you shut ‘er down.

The 7-series, while technically kind of in the same class – is almost a completely different car. It’s more refined, more quiet, and soft. It’s the kind of car you take when your body aches but your mind is racing to get somewhere, you want to feel like you’re driving on a soft cloud but just as fast as Goku’s Nimbus.

Both big cars – just different attitudes. I like to think of the Maserati as the unruly stepchild that just wants to do whatever the hell he wants. While the BMW is the piano-playing, well-dressed and polite brother that never misses a beat. You’ll see the characteristics in the photos…

IMG_9033 copy

Starting off with the best photos! Rig shot of the Maserati

IMG_9049 copy

Rig shot of the 7-series. I particularly enjoyed the colors in this.


And one rig shot that took us a few tries to get. We ultimately ended up failing because we couldn’t get the two cars rolling at the same speed, so the 7-series always ended up being blurry.

What I ended up doing was taking a still shot of the two cars while the rig was still attached. I then took a shot that had the Maserati rolling, I cut out the still of the 7-series, pasted it in and edited to make it look like they were both rolling. Voila!

IMG_9310 copy

PS – the pictures are in no particular order. I just inserted them however they were uploaded…

IMG_9317 copy

IMG_9332 copy

One of the things that I personally dislike about the newer 7-series is the fact that it doesn’t look like a big body sedan like it used to. The older 7-series was broad and had a strong presence through the use of bigger headlights and tail lights with the body lines coming all the way down into the trunk. In fact, when the latest generation of BMW’s came out – they all practically looked identical. The 3, 4, 5, and 7 are so similar that it you have to look for certain cues in their styling to really tell them apart.

IMG_9344 copy

IMG_9350 copy

IMG_9353 copy

IMG_9355 copy

IMG_9361 copy

The front nose of the Quattroporte is probably the one of the most significant features of the car – like all other Maserati’s.

IMG_9387 copy

Hong Kong-esque

IMG_9088 copy

You can see the sportier side and more aggressive side of the Maserati in these photos.

IMG_9125 copy

IMG_9114 copy

IMG_9134 copy

The signature 3-oval side vents

IMG_9139 copy

IMG_9148 copy

IMG_9152 copy

While on the other side of the parkade, the 7-series just looks ready to pick you up and take you where you need to go…

IMG_9159 copy

Personally one of my favourite shots of the day was this one. I love when I can capture a new angle I’ve never taken before that just works so well.

IMG_9175 copy

It’s hard to tell just how big the Quattroporte is in comparison to the 7-series. It’s actually about an inch longer at the wheelbase and lower than the BMW.

IMG_9184 copy

IMG_9216 copy

A profile shot to see the lines of the Quattroporte a little better.

IMG_9232 copy

Another cool shot of whether you’d rather take the red pill or the blue pill. Really, the decision comes down to whether you want to get there fast and furious or luxuriously and elegantly. Let’s be real though – neither are slouches with twin turbos under the hoods of both beasts – you either choose the V6 or the V8 at the end of the day 🙂

IMG_9231 copy

IMG_9240 copy

IMG_9251 copy

IMG_9278 copy

While the Maserati is all aggressive and go-go-go on the outside, they certainly don’t skimp on the inside. Wood panels, nice Italian leather, and of course the smell that comes with it – not quite the same in a BMW…

IMG_9285 copy

IMG_9288 copy

IMG_9289 copy

IMG_9295 copy

IMG_9299 copy

Maserati made damn well sure you know it’s a Maserati. If it’s not on the trunk, it’s on the fender, and if it’s not on the fender, it’s on the rear quarter panel, and if it’s not on the rear quarter panel, it’s on the rear seat controls… I could go on…

IMG_9302 copy

LED tail lights

IMG_9305 copy

On the other hand, the BMW sports a lot more technology than the Maserati on the inside. Birds eye view back up camera, HUD on the windshield, electronic gears, the list goes on.

IMG_9360 copy

And we end with a shot of the wheels of the Maserati. When it comes down to it, which car would I prefer? Well, in this case we had both and if we could have the option of choosing the red pill or the blue pill on a daily basis, well I wouldn’t complain. Having both pills can also work out…

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