Baby… The 4-Week Countdown

Oh man… It’s as dead as it’s ever been around here… But as you all know, we’ve been preparing for the baby’s arrival. We’re literally on the home stretch now with 4 weeks left exactly today. Technically she could come any day now – and we’re both hoping for sooner rather than later. I know Diana – more so than me – is pretty much ready for her to come. It’s been a lot of sleepless nights (for her), uncomfortable days (for her), quick fatigue (for her), and some weight gain here and there (for me). I guess I know where the term “dad bod” came from…

Anyway, we decided to head out and take some true maternity photos while she was at 35 weeks. All my practice in the previous weeks paid off I guess… And I was able to get myself into the shots as well. Overall – pretty stoked on how these turned out!

I got some actual content to post soon too – a Maserati Quattroporte, BMW 750, and coverage of illmotion Sunday School coming up this weekend. I just haven’t really been in the mood to pick up my camera for the last few months. Nothing inspiring for me right now… Someone help!

I won’t post them all because – let’s face it – you probably have seen enough of baby posts. Lifewithjson is really turning into just that! haha

IMG_8435 copy

Probably my favourite shot from the shoot. The weather cooperated with us nicely that day.

IMG_8445 copy

IMG_8464 copy

Diana really looking ready to pop!

IMG_8488 copy

IMG_8502 copy

And one more just cause!

I’ll post the Maserati and BMW soon!

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