Happy Canada Day!

Man, it feels like I haven’t been on here forever… And I really haven’t! I apologize in every post for not posting, but I seriously never have time lately. Adulting is hard and I have no motivation to shoot anything lately. I need something amazing to spark that flame of inspiration in me again and I just haven’t seen or found it yet.

It’s been a while since Diana and I have hung with the guys so we decided to make some time today to go have some lunch and ice cream in Cochrane. It’s Canada Day today so it’s a nice break from work and the usual weekend errands that otherwise take up time before another week of work starts up.

I decided to bring my camera along to take some pics – nothing fancy – but something to get some car stuff back here.

IMG_7949 copy

I never really posted it, but we bought a new car a few weeks ago and picked it up last week! Can anyone guess what it is?

IMG_7950 copy

Maybe this will be helpful?

IMG_7964 copy

A 2017 Rav4 Hybrid! I’m actually so stoked over this car, it’s a little ridiculous. It’s the first time that Toyota has introduced the Hybrid technology in the Rav4, but Toyota is no newcomer to the Hybrid game. It’s just fun to drive for some reason and I didn’t think I’d be stoked over an SUV, but this is new and exciting to me. The mileage is amazing… We’ve driven everywhere in this thing and have racked up 450km on it and still have about 300km to go. Too rad.

IMG_7951 copy

While sitting inside the garage, I admired the FRS from afar.

IMG_7954 copy

And the neglected one now… The Corolla still does the job but it’ll likely be my winter car now.

IMG_7960 copy


IMG_7969 copy

IMG_7971 copy

Everyone showed up shortly and Gopesh introduced us to his new buddy – Shogun – an American Bulldog. 4 months old – too cool.

IMG_7975 copy

Back to back with Punit’s GS450h. So shiny.

IMG_7976 copy

We arrived in Cochrane about 25 minutes later. We took the scenic route but didn’t get a chance to stop anywhere for pictures.

IMG_7978 copy

IMG_7980 copy

They look too good!

IMG_7982 copy

IMG_7988 copy

IMG_7990 copy

IMG_7992 copy

IMG_7995 copy

IMG_7997 copy

Some shots on the way up back to Calgary.

IMG_8000 copy

IMG_8001 copy

IMG_8003 copy

Shogun being shy and not wanting to come out…

IMG_8007 copy

IMG_8008 copy

IMG_8009 copy

IMG_8010 copy

IMG_8012 copy

Nice view, nice weather. Thankfully it didn’t rain!

IMG_8013 copy

Ending it here with Shogun! Thank you to everyone still sticking around! Hopefully I have time to do more car stuff soon!

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