Sunday Funday: Guns, ‘Murica, and Turbo Diesels

Decided I’d throw up a few pics from this weekend where I channeled my inner Call of Duty side and a bit of whatever kind of nature-type personality I had in me. My neighbour has been asking if I wanted to shoot guns with him for a while but I was also too busy to come. I finally had the day yesterday to go out and do some shootin!

I really wish I had brought my camera for better pics, but I didn’t wanna look like a loser lugging my camera around while we were shooting guns LOL… So you’ll have to just enjoy iPhone pics. Nothing too special, I just thought it was cool to be able to do something like this outside of a shooting range…

On the way out… He has a sick lifted turbo Cummins Diesel.  We headed out about 1 hour out of Airdrie.

When we finally got up to the spot, it was up a small hill and out of the way of anyone that might be hanging out. Beautiful view.

A better shot of his truck. I like.

2 of his 7 guns he brought out yesterday. He had 2 shot guns and 5 rifles. The rifle on the right – (the SKS – the only one I remember the name of LOL) was my favourite.

Bullets and more guns.

My first few shots about 100 ft away. Decent…

With some more practice, I started to get the feel of the guns and how to aim down the iron sights. It’s not as hard as it sounds, but it’s not as easy as it looks either… I guess Call of Duty does not count as supplemental training for real life…

The set up for the day.

An update on the targets after a few more shots and different guns. The big hole you see was from one of the shotguns with a slug and it just went straight through the target and tree behind it. I was able to get a few bulls-eyes through the scope about 150 ft away… No American Sniper magic, but decent enough for my first time.

We laid out in his truck bed to do some shooting. The heat yesterday was crazy…

Another of the many rifles… This one had the most kick to it since the bullets were pretty big with metal jackets.

It got a little too hot so we camped under the truck with plenty of room and lots of shade. The 10 minutes I spent under that truck was the one of many firsts for me… One, to be staring down the sights at targets about 200 ft away and holding my breath to keep the movement minimal; two, my elbows anchored in the ground into rocks and dirt trying to maintain stable; and three, big ass bees buzzing around my head literally inches away and not being able to flinch. If anyone knows me, they know I’ll run from bees if I even hear them, let alone get close to me. LOL

Another shot of Max’s truck. Love this thing.

Another target that we shot a bunch of shit into. All the smaller pellets are from the other shotgun. Imagine being hit with all of those… Jesus.

And one quick video of some of the shooting! Fun times!!

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