Driven 2016: Part 4

And the show goes on!

I have one more part after this before the show coverage is all done. It’s sad that it comes and goes so quick… I apologize again that the pictures are all over the place. Blame WordPress (and maybe my genius idea to edit and upload in batches). Never again.

I will say though, that after going through all these pictures I’ve enjoyed looking at all of them. The quality of cars has gone up immensely and I truly mean that. If you do some digging to years prior, you might find me going on about how I really wanted the quality of cars to be better and that it was so lackluster in the sense that quality was so far and few between. I love, love, love that people are paying more attention to quality parts and work – at the end of the day, that is what stands out and that’s what gets you points, or awards, or recognition – whatever it is you’re looking for. If it’s not any of those, you can still assure yourself that you’ve got good quality parts with peace of mind and at the very least, you’re supporting good companies.

But I digress… Here we go

IMG_6813 copy

Over in the VEX booth, a familiar and clean RX7

IMG_6714 copy

Noel’s wicked S14 on Work VS-KF’s. He had to take his bumper off to get in here… lol

IMG_6718 copy

A quick shot of his engine bay up close.

IMG_6715 copy

Dicken’s Varis-fitted Evo X on bronze Volk TE37’s. I love this combo so much. Again, maybe I’m biased because of the Voltex wing and aero… But I don’t care lol

IMG_6719 copy

Saw this couple and dude ridin’ dirty around the show in his Audi R8. I’m sure he was mean-mugging me cause he caught me slippin’… Thank god the shade was covering his face. LOL

IMG_6721 copy

IMG_6723 copy

Ricky’s GTI still looking clean as ever. Still probably one of my favourite GTI’s out there. I loved all the aero additions – most usually stay with stock body panels so it’s rare to see this. Ricky also had a JDM influence on his car as well which gets bonus points in my book.

IMG_6725 copy

Alicia’s Golf.

IMG_6726 copy

Alex’s other other other car. I’m not sure which is his daily anymore… But the bronze ZE40’s on blue look great.

IMG_6728 copy

Ryan’s Ferrari F355 on Meister S1R’s. Awesome combo.

IMG_6727 copy

One more…

IMG_6732 copy

Leather Recaro pole positions inside the ‘Rari

IMG_6729 copy

Gugliano’s Civic – nice to see it come together. I followed his build thread on Beyond for quite a long time now and it looks fantastic.

IMG_6731 copy

Lots of in-house work done by him and friends.

IMG_6735 copy

Bad ass Chevy.

IMG_6737 copy

An interesting site to see for sure. A bagged Lincoln… not my first choice of cars to mod, but cool nonetheless.

IMG_6741 copy

Matte red Miata

IMG_6744 copy

Joe’s FRS in the SASC booth.

IMG_6745 copy

IMG_6747 copy

More trucks I know nothing about but would drive the hell out of. Even looking at it makes me want to be ignant. Too cool.

IMG_6748 copy

At the entrance of Driven was the Lowcals group. 4-door R34 – a much rarer sight to see.

IMG_6750 copy

Rob’s 240SX

IMG_6751 copy

I call this the DUB TL.

IMG_6752 copy

Jason’s wrapped BRZ. I understand he did this himself – nice work.

IMG_6757 copy

Spoon-equipped S2000. Rare to see this nowadays – I’m not sure who the owner is today, but it hasn’t changed much since Daniel Chan had it. Nice that it’s still in good condition.

IMG_6758 copy

IMG_6761 copy

Crazy looking GT-R with some massive Tomei quad exhuast tips, Swan neck wing, and Advan GT’s.

IMG_6762 copy

Reminds me of Dal’s old type R. Maybe this was built off of that as inspiration?

IMG_6763 copy

I thoroughly enjoyed this genesis. I’m not entirely sure which flares they are – I was thinking RB – but I think it’s missing the front bumper extensions. However, this sounded and looked good.

IMG_6765 copy

A wicked FRS with the Blitz front bumper and Voltex gt wing. Looked great!

IMG_6767 copy

And another FRS with a Voltex wing and Velox splitter.

IMG_6770 copy

Everyone in this booth seemed to have ordered a GT wing and got it at the same time. (You’re all from Edmonton right?) haha

This IS was sick.

IMG_6772 copy


IMG_6775 copy

M3 Coupe on TE37’s

IMG_6777 copy

I almost didn’t get a picture of this booth because there was a gangbang of people just standing in front eating pizza. You’d think the entrance to Driven would be a good spot, but sometimes it’s not…

IMG_6780 copy


IMG_6782 copy

ANOTHER EP3 other than Ryan’s!? This one a lot simpler – bronze CE28’s and Spoon brakes.

IMG_6783 copy

IMG_6784 copy

That blue is way too nice.

IMG_6785 copy

Gabriel’s GSR.

IMG_6787 copy

Lots of clean engine work by Philip Tan and crew.

IMG_6789 copy

IMG_6791 copy

This was super simple, but very pleasing to the eyes. Face 4 brozne ZE40’s are lit. (First time I’ve ever said that, I swear).

IMG_6792 copy

Trung’s Voltex S2000. This area was super tight so I didn’t get too many good pics.

IMG_6794 copy

IMG_6798 copy

Super sick EK on black CCW’s from Speedtech. This thing pushes over 1000hp…

IMG_6803 copy

IMG_6802 copy

IMG_6806 copy

Brandon’s Evo X on Advan RS-D with Team Revere

IMG_6807 copy

I think this was the only 8th gen Civic there that day. Reminds me of my first year at Driven…

IMG_6809 copy

Jimmy’s M3 on new diamond dark gunmetal ZE40’s. Great color/wheel combo. This is still my favourite M3 body to date.

IMG_6811 copy

Lots of updates to Jimmy’s engine as of late… Not that I know any of it…

IMG_6812 copy

And ending this one here! One more to go! Stay tuned.

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