Driven 2016: Part 3

Part 3 here we go! Again, in no particular order… Sorry, I didn’t deliver last night like I said I was going to. I decided to spend the rest of the night editing all of the photos and I’ll have a post up every day.

Thanks to everyone that has been sharing and reposting the pictures! I’ve also got some of the photos you took of my car that I’ll post up later. They all look wicked! Keep ’em coming!

I’m also afraid that I may have messed up the pictures and missed some. I edited in batches and uploaded as I went. The media storage on WordPress didn’t seem to keep it in the order I uploaded it so it got all jumbled… There may be a chance that there are duplicate pictures across posts or I missed some altogether. Once I get all the posts up, I’ll go through them again to make sure.

IMG_6890 copy

STI in the Team Revere booth. I think more of their photos are coming up somewhere…

IMG_6830 copy

Then we loop over to the 51-one fourteen  booth. A familiar face here with the matte copper/orange wrap.

IMG_6832 copy

Interesting combo, but nice nonetheless on this 350z.

IMG_6834 copy

Aaron’s midnight purple R32 on bronze/bronze Meister S1 3PC. I’ve been watching this come together on the Gram as well.

IMG_6836 copy

Sorry for the super wide photos. This was a tight squeeze to get these in. Kay’s bagged R32 with the addition of a massive chassis-mounted GT wing. Bringing F&F back.

IMG_6837 copy


IMG_6838 copy

I remember seeing this Silvia last year – not usually a fan of all black – but I dig this.

IMG_6844 copy

Auto Dream’s boosted FRS. One of the first I remember seeing in the city a few years back.

IMG_6848 copy

IMG_6849 copy

Ah, back at the Team Revere booth with this G37

IMG_6850 copy

IMG_6851 copy

IMG_6853 copy

Ryan Lofgren’s extremely clean R32 on aggressive RE30’s in the VEX booth.

IMG_6854 copy

This went on to win best engine dressed. Neochro everything! Well done, sir.

IMG_6856 copy

A very aggressive FRS fitted with Velox and APR aero and Weds SA-72R wheels.

IMG_6857 copy

Super clean Cosworth Escort. A fan favourite…

IMG_6859 copy

The AE86 that won honourable mention Toyota (I think?). Anyway, this was the same car that won at the illmotion Show and Shine last year. Brand new OEM everything in this car right down to the seals. Looks like it just rolled off the showroom floor.

IMG_6860 copy

A beautiful Datsun Z. I love these so much.

IMG_6863 copy

Curtis’s wrapped Silvia on an aggressive set of Work CR2P’s

IMG_6864 copy

Shane’s clean and boosted Integra – always nice to see.

IMG_6865 copy

Dustin’s S15 on Work Meister S1R’s. That silver shine…

IMG_6866 copy

One more with a better view of the splitter.

IMG_6868 copy

Sue’s classic ’67 Thunderbird in the ThreeTwenty booth.

IMG_6870 copy

White on white Focus ST hatch

IMG_6873 copy

Starting the Legit Society booth off with this dumped Evo X fitted with Varis aero.

IMG_6875 copy

Bagged STI on Work’s

IMG_6877 copy

IMG_6878 copy

Mannnn it’s been a long time since I’ve seen a sticker bombed lip.

IMG_6879 copy

Carlo’s updated WRX on TE37SL’s, Varis lip and Varis wing. Definitely feeling this look more.

IMG_6884 copy

Daniel’s S2000 on gold RPF1’s

IMG_6886 copy

Like I said… I don’t know a thing about trucks but I think these are bad ass lol. I can’t even imagine how much money is spent on the suspension parts for this but I wouldn’t even want to drive it… Way cool.

IMG_6888 copy

Peter’s TRD FRS sans the livery from last year. Still looking clean.

IMG_6889 copy

A sick sign with black stands. Just kidding…

This Evo was pretty clean with Voltex aero and Advan RS-D’s in the Team Revere booth.

IMG_6814 copy

Back in the Vex booth – an immaculate LHD Supra Targa on Weds wheels.

IMG_6816 copy

Probably my favourite of the show – Landon’s rocket bunny 240SX. The paint and bodywork was done by Nick Prah as well. Lots of good work coming from him – he’s got the Midas touch when it comes to making paint look wet. I just absolutely love the look of this.

IMG_6819 copy

Another angle…

IMG_6820 copy

Giuseppe’s infamous BIGNJPN R32. Still my favourite R32 to date – it is executed so well with a variety of parts that have been retrofitted to work with his car as if they were made for it.

You can see one of his biggest additions this year peeking through the wheels – Brembo BBK *heart face*

IMG_6822 copy

A few more shots of the RB 240. Just look at how perfect this is!!

IMG_6823 copy

One of my favourite parts is the carbon faded hood vents. Bravo, Nick.

IMG_6824 copy

Kaylee’s S14

IMG_6827 copy

Bill’s Focus Sedan going onto win Best Domestic Tuner. Well deserved. I loved the retrofit headlight addition!

IMG_6829 copy

Ending part 3 with this clean Supra from the 51-one fourteen booth again… I’ll hope to have part 4 up tonight or tomorrow morning!

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