DIY: Mini TeePee for Mini Me!

It’s like a DIY party in the household lately! Like I said before, ever since we found out we were having a girl, it’s been like a mad rush to start decorating and getting everything in place so we don’t have to worry about it later.

I’ve got a lot of things on the go lately – the nursery and now the backyard. The backyard will be a few weeks worth of work since I only get the weekends to work on it. But anyway, thought I’d share some of my crafty DIY’s since I literally have no interest in shooting any cars right now lol.

Driven is coming up quick though so I’ll definitely have pics of that! Best believe I’ll get Arianny Celeste’s autograph!

Material list:

  • 1 x Roll of thick rope
  • 4 x Wooden Dowels. We bought ours at 5ft. You can choose whatever height you want depending on how tall you want your teepee.
  • Screws
  • 2 meters of cotton canvas (or whatever fabric you want)

We purchased some rope and 4 wooden dowels from Home Depot. Total cost $40. The dowels cost $10 each at 5ft.

Here we see Diana cranky about pulling off the price stickers because they’re stubborn as F to remove lol.

Next, measure how far you want the tops of your dowels to stick out of the teepee. I went down about 5.5″. Drill the holes through.


The other dowels marked to be drilled.

Feed the rope though two of them first and tie a knot at the end.

What you want to do is begin by positioning the two dowels as if they were the front legs of the teepee. They would cross – almost like chopsticks and you would tie the rope around a few times to get them together.

Diana still working on those stickers…


I didn’t have any pictures of the whole process but once you have the other two poles drilled and ready to go, position all the legs how you want them to be and begin wrapping the rope around the top neatly. If you wrap it so that the rope sits on top of each other, it looks a lot nicer than just having clumps of rope all over the place.

Ideally, you want the front legs wider than the back legs so it doesn’t look so square. That was my personal call, you can do whatever you want.

I actually purchased 3 meters of canvas just in case I messed up. In reality I only needed 2 meters. What you’ll need to do is wrap the fabric all around just so you can see what it’ll look like and have everything measured up nicely. It’s important to purchase a heavy and thick canvas so that it doesn’t rip.

Cut off any extra fabric.  Once you’re happy with the placement, drill a screw at the top on the back of the teepee right under the rope to hold the canvas there. Then drill another two screws on the inside of the front posts to hold the front of the canvas.

You’ll have three stationary points so the canvas does not move or slide up, down, left or right. Depending on the width of your fabric, you’ll probably also get a lot of left over at the bottom of the teepee. Instead of cutting it, I just rolled them on the inside. You can barely see it peaking through.

I figured it was a little boring with a plain canvas, so I took some leftover paint from the walls and painted a Chevron pattern on it to finish it up. We have a blanket and got a cool little pillow and we’re done! Total cost was about $80. It would’ve been cheaper if I didn’t buy the extra meter of canvas.

I don’t know if it was cheaper than buying one new since I didn’t really look, but it does allow you to customize it the way you like with whatever colors, canvas, and shape you want. All in all – cool project that took maybe an hour.

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