It’s A Girl!

Well, the day of our gender reveal party has come and gone… Like most exciting things, you prepare for days and it’s over in hours (but actually seems like minutes). We had originally found out on Wednesday since that was Diana’s 18 week ultrasound – usually the most anticipated visit because you usually get to find out the gender if the baby is cooperating that day. Luckily for us we got a pretty good look and was pretty much confirmed. This was a much easier secret to keep compared to the actual pregnancy itself – there was more fun in having people guess and make bets in what they thought it was.

I wanted to take a few pictures of the day whenever I wasn’t busy running around or doing something else… We kept this get-together fairly small – thank you to everyone that was able to come and join us. It was awesome having everyone as anxious and excited to find out as we were for you to find out!

IMG_6301 copy

A few of the decorations we put up during the week to go with the gender reveal party theme…

IMG_6288 copy

Diana and I went out to get some big drink dispensers to put some cool drinks in them for the party.

IMG_6295 copy

I made up a poster board for people to put their names on what they thought it was going to be.

IMG_6296 copy

The ties and ribbons that Diana cut out for the names.

IMG_6293 copy

Another shot of the decorations around the house. Lots of work for this little one!

IMG_6292 copy

Pom poms that are actually a PITA to make. I take no credit for these though – I don’t think I have the patience like Diana…

IMG_6290 copy

The one time a year we get flowers…

IMG_6304 copy

Thank you to Vicki at Pretty Sweet Co for the awesome gender reveal cupcakes. She made them with cool blue and pink pastel icing and the pink colored cream filling for the big reveal!

IMG_6305 copy

Some treats Diana put together as small prizes. Her favourite bon bon candies in some baby bottles and little prize bags.

IMG_6306 copy

The pink lemonade and blue raspberry drinks. Team pink and team blue.

IMG_6308 copy


IMG_6309 copy

Yum x2

IMG_6316 copy

So this part gets going pretty quick. Everyone was super anxious to bite into the cupcakes and I didn’t have a lot of time to snap photos of before and after. I liked this photo though – everyone is just biting into them and no one knows yet…

IMG_6319 copy

And in a split second, everyone finds out! This picture is particularly funny because Punit has been saying it’s a girl since we announced we were pregnant. Everyone else was betting it was a boy… It was at this moment that Punit realized once again that he still hasn’t lost a bet… Don’t bet with him.

IMG_6321 copy

And celebrations continue.

A quick clip from Nat’s snapchat.

And another from Punit. All you can hear in his voice is triumph. LOL

IMG_6326 copy

IMG_6327 copy

All smiles here

IMG_6330 copy

The only group shot I was able to get. It was hard to gather everyone up to grab group photos today.

IMG_6331 copy

Diana opened up some of the gifts we got! A cool little picture frame for first prints from Nadia and Ramsha.

IMG_6333 copy

IMG_6335 copy

Some cool little accessories for baby A.

IMG_6336 copy

Teething toy

IMG_6338 copy

A bunch of cool “My First…” bibs from Nadia and Ramsha.

IMG_6340 copy

Two sets of “I love Mommy” onsies… Where was the “I love Daddy” ones?! Just kidding. These were also from Nadia and Ramsha.

IMG_6347 copy

Some hilarious kids books that can almost be too inappropriate from none other than Barbi and Chloe.

IMG_6350 copy

A cool mommy care kit from Rossella and Peter.

IMG_6357 copy

Cool fluffy bunny paired with a nice book from Lulu.

Sorry – I didn’t get pictures of each present – but have no fear! We saw them all and loved them all! Thank you again to everyone for the kind gifts!

IMG_6360 copy

Cutie Emily who was a star at the party today.

IMG_6361 copy

Looks like she loves the camera.

IMG_6365 copy

Emily crawling around. She was a trooper today because she didn’t have her nap and stayed strong all afternoon for everyone to play with.

IMG_6369 copy

Last pic! Too cute!

Thanks again to everyone that came out and shared this awesome day with us! Time is going by quick!

3 thoughts on “It’s A Girl!

  1. Congrats man! I don’t know about you, but I’ve always wanted a girl more than a boy. Daddy’s little girl.

    Make sure you buy up some baseball bats for when she hits her teenage years and boys start showing up at the door 🙂

    • Thanks man! I was neutral but if I had to really choose, I wanted a boy first just so if I had any girls after, then we’d have a boy in place of the baseball bat 🙂

      I’m with you though – Daddy’s little girl is something I’m looking forward to. Thank you!

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