Out of Hibernation

She’s bacccccccccckkkkkk!!!!!

Finally – after a long awaited 6 months, the car is put back together and complete. It’s been a grueling wait this winter but the time has finally come. It all started in August when I placed the order for the Voltex wing. September was when I ordered the Arise kit and they just kind of sat in the house until it was time to put them on.

I want to give a huge thanks to Nick Prah who is responsible for the paint and install of the kit. I’ve seen his work through other forms and it is impeccable. He is a perfectionist and a detailed craftsman, and it shows through his work. The Raven black colour that the FRS comes in has a slight metallic blue hint to it and Nick recreated that to make it look like it came from factory. In fact, it’s better than factory. I’m scared to drive it because I worry about ruining the finish he produced but it’s too good to leave sitting in the garage LOL. Anyway, I’ll detail it all in another post… I just couldn’t wait to post these up to share.

Ricky and I went out in the afternoon yesterday to try and take some pics but it ended up being too bright to get nice shots, so we met up in the evening again to do some rig shots. I’ll have those up when Ricky gets editing on them… I only edited two last night just so I could have one to post. I’ll have a bunch more in the coming days.

IMG_5742 copy

This was the one at sunset. I am absolutely in love with this car all over again. The stance and aggressiveness is just perfect to me.

IMG_5698 copy

One more shot with the wheels…

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