2016 International Auto Show – Highlights

Well, it’s that time of year again where we make our way to the International Auto Show so that we can pay $15 for parking and get free dealer bags. We don’t really go for the cars all that much anymore LOL.

I’ve gone from taking pictures of nearly every car to most of them to some of them and now to only the ones worth looking at for longer than a few seconds. It’s cut down the amount of pictures I take considerably but I think most of you just want to see the cool cars, if you are even interested in this at all.

Anyway – a few cool pics of the few cool cars that showed up. Gives me some content.

IMG_5603 copy

The new Dodge Viper. Was digging the colour for sure.IMG_5604 copy

IMG_5605 copy

The Scion iM AKA Corolla hatchback. IMG_5608 copy

The Scion FRS from Ontario. Sporting the Voltex swan neck, AP racing brakes, Advan GT’s and a full race interior. IMG_5610 copy

The ropes kill the picture for real. lolIMG_5615 copy

The new Nissan Titan. Bad ass because it had carbon fiber flares that flowed up through to the front bumper.IMG_5616 copy

The new Civic coupe. Not a fan of the new Civic at all… Makes me lose hope for the Type R. I really wish the UK version came here instead of this monstrosity.IMG_5617 copy

The Ford Focus RS. Almost $50k CAD… kind of steep… But I’m just judging a book by its cover. IMG_5619 copy

Digging the front though. Love these huge, aggressive front bumpers coming out lately.IMG_5622 copy

The new Audi R8 V10 Plus.  The colour was killer – the spot they put it in was not… Too much bottlenecking!!IMG_5623 copy

Another bad spot to put a trio of Lamborghini’s you can’t even get within 4 ft of. Blocks the walking space…

IMG_5625 copy

IMG_5627 copy

The new Lexus LF C2 concept. Love the colour on this one too.

IMG_5631 copy

Also digging their new spindle grill. It almost looks like it melts down to the middle and then starts twirling together. So bad ass.

IMG_5629 copy

The Lexus RC-F. Meh about the colour for me…IMG_5634 copy

Kind of a bad shot because the door was open, but I think one of my favourite SUV’s out right now is the new RX. Lexus has killed it with their front fascia on their whole line up. I know when it first came out, there was a lot of ehh’s and uhh’s…IMG_5635 copy

A slammed TLX  on VossensIMG_5637 copy

Not sure how I felt about the wrap though. It was like halfway between matte and gloss it almost looked too fake.IMG_5639 copy

Race ILXIMG_5644 copy

The elusive NSX. The colour was just amazing in person. IMG_5647 copy

Not to mention the awesome front. I wouldn’t even want to drive this in fear of ruining the beautiful finish lol. Of course, I’ll never own one… If I did, I’d probably have enough money not to care. hahahaIMG_5652 copy

Ass.IMG_5654 copy

The BMW M4 GTS. Super rad matte finish.IMG_5658 copy

Check that lip. All it would take is a bump on the curb or some asshole deciding to test it’s strength lolIMG_5659 copy

Fingerprints FTLIMG_5663 copy

One of my favourite cars there was this Rocket Bunny RC-F. It was sad because it was tucked away in the corner where everyone was eating and not blocked off. If any car should’ve been blocked off, it should’ve been this one LOL.IMG_5666 copy

You can see in the pics how close it was to the chairs and stuff. Brutal.IMG_5668 copy

Love.IMG_5670 copy

Punit… IMG_5671 copy

The BMW M2.IMG_5676 copy

Here is what my house is probably worth in one picture.IMG_5677 copy

And here is what is worth more than my house in one picture.

IMG_5679 copy

Porsche love.IMG_5683 copy

LOVE this AMG GLE 63 S. It is eerily similar to the X6 but I love that slope in the rear.IMG_5685 copy

Punit got adopted by this nice Asian lady. At least it’s in a nice and new NX 200T.IMG_5687 copy

And we’ll end it with these chumps all packed into the GS-F for a group shot. ❤

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