Baby Hoanger 2016

 I’m happy to announce that Diana and I will be expecting in September 2016! That’s kind of what I’ve been tied up in the last few months – appointments, ultrasounds, blood tests… I just haven’t had time to care much about the car and it’s been incredibly hard to keep this a secret till now!

Not that we’re old or anything but we both thought that it’s time to settle down and start a family. We’ve been together for almost 12 years and there’s really not much that we haven’t done together. We’ve been wanting kids for years now but our circumstances just never called for it. I wanted to get the car done and Diana wanted to travel and furnish the house and get the expensive stuff out of the way first. We’ve been told that “there is no right time” or “just have them now!” And while I don’t disagree, we did want to ensure we brought a baby into the most comfortable world it deserves and that starts with us. 

So we are beyond excited to welcome our first kid into the world! If anyone knows us, they know we’ve had baby fever for a long ass time so this is extremely nerve-racking, exciting, happy, and a million other awesome emotions that we can use to describe the feeling. I’ll tell you right now – there’s no car part in the world that can make you feel like this. 

Thank you to everyone that has shared their excitement and awesome messages with us this far. Trust me, we want to reply to every single one of them but just know we’ve read each one and love it!


6 thoughts on “Baby Hoanger 2016

  1. Congratulations! I know what you mean by everyone saying, “it’s never the right time!”, but sometimes it’s pretty damn close. So when’s the due date?

    • Thanks Eric!
      Yes, you can only be as prepared as you think you can be and that’s close enough for me! The due date is in September so we’re only through the first part of it all… Still a ways to go!

      • Good month to have a birthday. My birthday is in January and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. Nobody wants to come to your party when it’s -30 😦

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