Almost Spring!!!

It’s been exactly one month a one day since I’ve last posted. I don’t think I’ve ever left the blog alone for this long – but it’s not because I’ve forgotten about it, it’s because I’ve really had nothing to post (as per usual during the winters).

I just wanted to check in to make sure that everyone knew I was still alive. I think I should have some exciting stuff coming up shortly… Nick came by last night to pick up the kit for paint and I am scheduled to bring the car in for install come March 5th. Once that’s all said and done, the car will finally be worthy of pictures… Until then, I don’t really like taking pictures of it because I don’t think the new additions look good with the stock bumper. I think with a more aggressive bumper and new sides, it should all flow together nicely…

Until then, it’s likely going to be dead around here like it has been the last few months. I’m not expecting any new parts at this point – I just want to drive and cruise around lately. The way I’ve been spending most of my nights has been either Call of Duty or on the couch with the Wifey catching up on TV shows and watching movies. In a nutshell, my life is boring.

I guess two little things worth sharing are below… Not even with my SLR either, so forgive me for the iPhone pics (not that they’re bad quality :D).

A nice gift from Galen at the Tokyo Auto Salon this year was this Top Secret titanium cup. I saw it floating around on social media last year and I wanted one so bad. Of course, I’d never really use it and it’s just sitting on my desk in the same plastic box it came in… So at this point, it’s just bragging rights… And it looks cool sitting on top my wing.

The other thing I decided to do was to polish up the exhaust canisters back to their stainless steel finish again. The “titanium burn” look was starting to fade and I kind of missed the shine that the canisters had when you saw it from behind. So I spent a few hours taking some metal polish and my PC polishing them back up!

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