Breath of Fresh Air

Sorry! Been dead as hell around here – I’m lucky I even had content a few weeks ago thanks to Ricky’s Japan pics.

Nothing new on my front – I’m pretty much done with getting all my parts. Now all that’s left is to get the kit painted and installed. I’m booked in for the End of February for that and then it’s pretty much ready to go. I’m a little bummed because the one last thing that was on my list to get was a rear diffuser to kind of even out the rear end with the Voltex wing. It’s unfortunate that our dollar has plummeted so much and so quickly that a $450 diffuser ends up costing nearly $900 when it’s finally in my hands. I’ll pass on paying double for something that’s not worth that much right now…

Anyway, I finally stopped being lazy and brought the car out this afternoon since the weather was way too awesome not to. I’ve been meaning to bring it out and install the Craft Square mirrors a little better than how I did it the first time. The rubber behind the mirrors were still showing and it just looked shitty and it made me lose sleep at night LOL.

I ended up rolling it out because all my neighbours were outside and a cold start with the new headers is loud as f*** inside the garage. It literally shakes all my pictures in the garage and rumbles the entire house. Once it idles for a bit, it quiets down significantly… I just didn’t want my neighbours hating me this early on in the year lol.

I also did it because I wanted some shots of the rear – ever since I put the wing on, I’ve never actually seen what it looked like! So I took some quick snaps while it got some fresh air…

IMG_5383 copy

I think I’m going to end up taking the muffler sections off and repolishing it back to a shine and getting rid of the burn.

IMG_5340 copy

Also finally got to put the Craft Square stickers on. Felt naked without them.

IMG_5341 copy

Some random shots…

IMG_5347 copy

IMG_5377 copy

I’ve fallen in love with this car all over again…

IMG_5329 copy

Solar flare!

IMG_5355 copy

IMG_5358 copy

Obnoxious wide angle. Not that the wing isn’t already huge hahaha

IMG_5362 copy

Sideskirts will bring it all together nicely…

IMG_5364 copy

IMG_5366 copy

IMG_5371 copy

Ciao for now! Honestly I’m not sure what else I have left – I just want to drive the hell out of it now. I’ll be back though… 🙂

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