DIY: FRS Craft Square Mirror Install

I made some time this evening to do the install of the mirrors (er, one side at least because I was too lazy to move the car). I took some pics just in case anyone else wanted to reference later, but that’s beside the point…

The point is how bad ass these mirrors are and now how worried I am someone is going to hit them LOL. God… The more cool parts you put on your car, the more paranoid you are of leaving it alone…

Anyway – quick run through!

IMG_5203 copy

Shot of the stock mirrors. You are worthless to me now…

IMG_5205 copy

Turn the mirrors in and you’ll see a little slot. Put a flathead in and pop the plastic piece right off.

IMG_5206 copy


IMG_5207 copy

You’ll have access to three 10mm screws you’ll deal with later.

IMG_5212 copy

On the inside, there’s a screw behind the door handle and one little pop clip to the right of it. Take those off and start prying the door panel off. Pretty simple.

IMG_5217 copy

On the inside of the door, you’ll see the power window and lock connectors. Unplug those.

IMG_5218 copy

Unscrew the door handle by the two screws there.

IMG_5222 copy

And bam. Your door panel comes right off.

IMG_5223 copy

On the door itself, there’s one more switch you’ll need to disconnect – it’s the power to the mirrors. Just disconnect this.

IMG_5224 copy

Get a 10mm and take the bolts out.

IMG_5225 copy

As you start to fish the power wire out through the door, you’ll notice that it’s a pain in the ass to wiggle the connector out of the hole because it’s pretty tight. You’ll need to do some maneuvering to get it out… Took me about 15 minutes just to fish it out. PITA…

IMG_5227 copy

Anyway, once that’s out – that’s probably the hardest part. Clean up the door where the stock mirror used to sit just to get any dirt out of the way.

IMG_5228 copy

I wanted to reuse the rubber that was on the stock mirror and have it behind the Craft Square mirror just to have a nice seal around it. It required a little modification and trimming to fit nicely. I may have to revisit it just to make it a little more perfect when the weather warms up but it looks pretty good for now.

IMG_5236 copy

Bolt the mirrors up and you’re good to go. The hardest part is having to adjust and then tighten the base.

IMG_5244 copy

Nice view…

IMG_5245 copy

Some different angles of how it looks

IMG_5248 copy

TRD x Craft Square x Voltex.

IMG_5253 copy

And one of my favourite shots. It really helps bring the “GT” look of the car all together. Can’t wait to see it finished with the kit all painted! It’s now going to be a long 3 months…

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