Never Enough Carbon: Craft Square GT Mirrors

One of my last shipments for the FRS finally came in! I’ve kind of been looking for these since early Summer this year but have never really jumped on any opportunity. Every time I inquired about it, there was anywhere from 5-10 months of a wait time and I really didn’t want to wait. Waiting 3-4 months for wheels is long enough, and I couldn’t really convince myself to wait almost a year for just mirrors…

Fast forward to the beginning of December and Reggie messaged me to let me know that there was a guy selling a few sets and I jumped at the opportunity!

From what I hear, the mirrors are extremely back ordered because each piece is hand assembled  and they take their time in making their parts. Totally understandable and they do look a lot better than the APR mirrors that a lot of people usually resort to when they find out they’re half the price and readily available. I really didn’t want to go down that route… APR puts a bad taste in my mouth for some reason. They are the Rota of the carbon world to me… Albeit, probably not as bad but that’s just how I see them.

IMG_5182 copy

The box. Had to take a pic of the box…

IMG_5190 copy

And a few random shots of the mirrors for those who care

IMG_5191 copy

These are the ones with the optional blue lens which is bad ass as hell lol.

IMG_5192 copy

A few months ago, I was talking to Jackie about mirrors and I almost settled on a set of JUN Auto universal mirrors… I ended up not going that route because a custom base would be needed and that held me back. Jackie also said it looked stupid so I just didn’t do it lol.

IMG_5194 copy

More pics of the weave…

IMG_5198 copy

One last shot. I’ll try to install them tomorrow if it isn’t too cold in the garage… We’ll see. I’ll have pics up soon!

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