Sunday Funday: T1R Power Header Install!

Another successful install day is in the books today! Installs during the winter months are always a love-hate… It’s good because you get all the new parts on your car and it’s super exciting to finally be able to hear or see it on, but it sucks because you can’t truly enjoy it until summer comes. In this case, it sucks even more because it’s not something I can just look at and enjoy, it’s something I have to hear.

There were a few minor set backs and some frustrating times with the install – namely a nut that nearly got stripped and forced us to make a trip to Canadian Tire for… Next, we didn’t have a 20mm wrench to remove the O2 sensors, so that was yet another trip… Lesson of the day is to be prepared!

Anyway, took a few quick pics of the progress when I could…

IMG_5111 copy

We started at 930AM and it was still a bit chilly out. I worked on getting the car on jack stands while waiting for everyone.

IMG_5114 copy

Punit was early so he was supervising as per usual…

IMG_5115 copy

Another shot of the headers!

IMG_5119 copy

Gopesh and Punit doing work

IMG_5122 copy

Got the bumper off while they were getting the stock headers off to prepare for something bigger…

IMG_5126 copy

Quick shot of the work area.

IMG_5128 copy

One of the nuts we were trying to get off that connected the front pipe to the over pipe was almost rounded off and before we made it worse, we made a trip to Canadian Tire and got these set of wrenches. We got back and they were off in the first wrench with these bad boys.

IMG_5132 copy

Waiting for Punit and Gopesh since they had to go and get bigger wrenches to get the O2 sensors off. You can see the stock header laying there with the sensors still connected.

IMG_5139 copy

Almost got the new one all in.

IMG_5140 copy

Look at that shine!

IMG_5137 copy

Just hooking everything back up.

IMG_5143 copy

After the first start up… Sounded awesome! Smokey!

IMG_5146 copy

And back in the corner it goes sans the front bumper – you can see it sitting up top.

IMG_5145 copy

Hopefully I’ll have an update on the new additions if the shipment arrives on time this week!

IMG_5148 copy

One last shot of the headers from up top from the engine bay. Love it!

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