Awesome Birthday Gift: T1R Power Headers

Another nice treat was this birthday gift from Diana, Julee, JC, Punit, Gopesh, Jackie, Aldrich and Aldo tonight! We all went out for dinner at Moxies to Celebrate me and Punit’s birthday and it always ends up being a good time. Thanks to everyone who came out!

Anyway, took a few quick snaps of the gift – a nice addition to the FRS – T1R Power Headers. Something that’s been on my list for a long ass time but just never got around to actually getting it. I want to install it right now!! It’ll just make me want to drive the car more… 😦

IMG_5100 copy

JC and his super fancy Filipino calligraphy.

IMG_5101 copy

Another awesome card I can put on the fridge. LOL

IMG_5092 copy

A quick shot of the headers. Can’t wait to slap this guy on.

IMG_5099 copy

Shiny shiny!

IMG_5098 copy

And Jackie Law was nice enough to include a set of AJ-R plate frames for me! I’ve been bugging him for these for so long LOL. Going to go nice once the car is all put together! Thanks again for everything guys! Another great birthday! Love you guys!

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