The Black Swan Build Progresses…

Another pleasant surprise for me today was when Reggie sent me this teaser pic of my kit that had just arrived at AJ-R… The beauty of ordering things in the summer (for me, anyway) is that I usually get them just on time for my Birthday/Christmas. Luckily for me this year, all my parts have come within a week of my Birthday which is a nice treat.

One of the last pieces to the puzzle should also be here within a few weeks as it ships out on Friday. For now… A teaser of what’s to come.

Now the hardest part begins – waiting for Spring to come to fully debut the Black Swan 🙂 for 2016.

4 thoughts on “The Black Swan Build Progresses…

    • It will likely go into paint before Spring but it won’t come out until probably mid to late March. So you’ll probably see pictures of it in the garage but until I get it out for proper pics, that’s it! LOL!

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