A Farewell Photoshoot: Tony’s Mercedes E350

Whoops – I completely forgot about this post this weekend so I apologize for the delay. I was in total lazy mode all weekend and didn’t really want to do anything. Anyway, here are the rest of Tony’s photos from last week. I think they turned out great!

As I said in the previous post, the lighting, colours and the car itself all worked out to blend in perfectly that evening. We’ll get to it!

IMG_4745 copy

This was the teaser shot I posted below.

IMG_4684 copy

The front end of the E-class is my favourite of all the line up during this generation.

IMG_4730 copy

Sunset, blue skies, clean black car… What more could a photographer ask for?!

IMG_4718 copy

IMG_4693 copy

Couldn’t miss the interior…

IMG_4561 copy


IMG_4656 copy

The body lines of the E-class coupe are very striking, aggressive and minimal at the same time. I’ve always had a soft spot for them but could never see myself in one.

IMG_4505 copy

Front end.

IMG_4502 copy

IMG_4490 copy

IMG_4485 copy

I think I know where I’m going to shoot my car next year… 🙂

IMG_4481 copy

IMG_4472 copy

IMG_4516 copy

IMG_4522 copy

IMG_4560 copy

IMG_4572 copy

IMG_4575 copy

IMG_4592 copy

IMG_4598 copy

IMG_4602 copy

IMG_4637 copy

White leather seats on an all black car – *thumbs up*

IMG_4617 copy

I particularly liked how this shot came out. I’m a huge fan of sun flare shots when done properly. I’m not a huge fan  of fake sun flare shots though and this one happens to be real. Don’t you just love when things turn out how you want them to?

IMG_4719 copy

IMG_4673 copy

I got a couple shots of JC’s car too since the lighting was too perfect not to.

IMG_4643 copy

The team off to the side helping out. It was pretty chilly that night so I’m sure you can appreciate the fact that Diana has a scarf, a peacoat and is still obviously cold lol.

IMG_4641 copy

One more of JC’s car off to the side.

IMG_4778 copy

We can’t forget the rollers!

IMG_4808 copy

And one last one overlooking the NW part of the city…

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