FR-S Face Lift Spotted!

Taken from the guys over at – here are some spy shots of the potential facelifted FR-S/GT86 coming our way. I’m personally a big fan of the bumper of the FR-S currently if I were to keep it stock – it’s aggressive and sporty enough to stay just the way it is. But alas, people want change and that’s what we get…

From the spy shots and some speculation, it appears that the headlights may possibly come in LED – perhaps leaning towards a similar design of the new Toyota Corolla’s. Tough to tell behind the camo vinyl.

The front bumper looks completely redesigned and reshaped – it’s got more of a boxy look with some styling cues similar to that of the current BRZ bumper with the wider front grill. The side vents where foglights and turn markers used to sit look to be straight up grills now… There may be an option to upgrade with foglights again.

If the car below is any indication to what the production might be, then the fender grills have also been redesigned with the “86” boxer logo removed to be just plain with a minor protrusion.

The rear bumper itself doesn’t look like too much has changed. The familiar middle, lower portion is there with the center reverse light mounted at the bottom. The more noticeable changes are in the new low profile wing that seems to be a larger and more pronounced version of the standard BRZ wing, lifting up a little higher off the trunk and protruding to the sides of the car a bit more.

Lastly, the tail lights look to be redesigned with more depth in the center portion of the light running horizontally. The sides of the tail light still have the small protrusion for “aerodynamics” as the current tail lights. Again, hard to tell with the vinyl, but it looks like they might be moving to more of a red-coloured tail light versus the “altezza” and clear lens look.

Doesn’t look like much else has changed – not that big changes were expected for this chassis’ first face lift. There are some that believe there’s going to be an STI powerplant in the BRZ as an option, while others believe the FRS will be getting a better motor with possible F/I… Both highly unlikely options, but it’s always nice to dream…

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