Garage Clean Up!

Since today was a holiday and Diana decided to go out shopping, I decided to tidy up the garage and do some more organizing before winter. I’ve been slowly trying to get all the clutter in the proper places and it sure is an upgrade from the cardboard boxes everything used to sit on if you remember from a few posts before.

I ended up getting a few more things to start hanging things up and off the ground. Just took a few snaps cause I was bored… It serves as a good filler until I can post some photoshoots up. Unfortunately, those are on hold until the actual websites put them up… Then I can publish my portion. IMG_3743 copy

Put some posters up that were just sitting inside the house…

IMG_3745 copy

Got a peg board for $10 and voila. LOL

IMG_3747 copy

Got the LS drift body sitting there still. I want to try and get an FRS body soon…

IMG_3751 copy

Also decided to just hang my LEVEL one hoody since it’s a bit small for me now. serves as good decoration if I’m not going to wear it again. Plus got the tracks to hang home owner stuff. Not the kind of stuff I enjoy spending my money on to be honest LOL.

IMG_3749 copy

The fam tucked in for the night.

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