FR-S “Always On” LED Headlight Mod

Finally got a chance to meet up with Anthony and get his self-made “always on” LED headlight mod installed onto my headlights. All that the mod basically does is it keeps the LED strip enabled even when the low beams are turned on. In North America, the 10-series/monogram/RS 1.0 versions that come with these headlights have the LED’s only running during the day. In Japan, when the lowbeams are turned on, the LED’s switch from a high output to a low output – that’s essentially what Anthony’s mod does.

I’ve said it before – ever since Arif was able to grab these headlights for me – they’ve been my favourite mod on the car to date. There’s just something about them – they look better than the stock headlights x100. The stock headlights just look too cheap all chromed out IMO. Anthony’s mod makes these headlights perfect – any car guy/girl will tell you that quality lights > anything.

Snapped a few pics for you guys to see. If lights aren’t your thing, then you probably won’t be as excited as I am, but all I wanna do now is drive at night and check out reflections LOL!

IMG_3727 copy

A lot of the pics will be super underexposed so you can see. Here’s a good shot of them lit up. Looks like an angry anime character now.

IMG_3722 copy

A wide angle shot.

IMG_3734 copy

Close up… It’s a bit harder to tell in this pic because the LED’s point directly ahead, so if you’re not looking straight at them, it’s difficult to tell that they’re on.

IMG_3729 copy

Another shot where you can see the LED strip.

IMG_3739 copy

One last one… My favourite shot because it captured the blue/purple that HID’s get upon ignition.

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