Extra: Jackie’s Honda S2000 x Acura TL-S

Busy busy busy! I’ve been putting this post off for a while because I’ve had a whole bunch of other things come up again – no surprise lately…

While we were in Victoria, Jackie asked me to shoot his TL and S2000 together so he could have some memories of them together. He’ll probably end up selling the TE’s and then deciding to buy new ones again a few months later. I don’t even know how many sets of TE’s he’s had over the years. Both cars are a very similar grey – it would be bad ass to have the TL in the Moonrock grey too, but it’s close enough. I snapped a few pictures before we had to go have lunch and head out. Unfortunately, no rollers as I don’t think there was any stretch of road long enough that would have had enough lanes for three cars in Victoria. 🙂

Fun fact: The TE37’s on the TL are the same white TE37’s that were on Nick Chow’s J’s Racing Honda S2000, then on my STI, then on the RE Amemiya RX7, and now it’s been passed on to Jackie. I miss those wheels in white.

Happy Monday!

IMG_2125 copy

TE37 on everything!!

IMG_2143 copy

Nice view..

IMG_2131 copy

IMG_2155 copy

We ended up moving to another spot quickly and Ben joined us in his NSX.

IMG_2147 copy

IMG_2146 copy

And just the last two shots of the pair together. One for the weekend and another for the weekdays. MBN…

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