Volk TE37 vs Volk ZE40

Admittedly, these are the wheels I’ve been lusting over since Volk/Rays announced the wheel. I am in love with the bronze finish – but really, can anyone complain about the bronze finish on any Volk wheel? It surpasses any bronze finish on the market today and it’s not necessarily easy to replicate either.

I was 110% on the wheel until I did this chop. Perhaps it’s the picture, the light, the angle or even the lack of any significant aero, but I’m now at 95% with this wheel… I can’t decide if I should bite the bullet on it or stick with TE37’s and get a colour change. Even then, any colour I choose for the TE37 will not come close to the bronze that I’ve been drooling over for years.

What do you guys think?


Red TE37IMG_2470

Bronze ZE40

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