illmotion Sunday School Show & Shine 2015: Part 6

And the finale of all of this car show goodness – which turns out to be probably the least exciting posts because there are more people than cars and most of you just want to see cars.

The guys had asked if I wanted to help judge this year for the Honour Roll awards and I reluctantly agreed. Not because I didn’t want to do it, but because I knew just how many hard hitters come out to this particular show. Judging a full lot of cars to come to a conclusion of the top 15 cars is more difficult than you think. The way we approached it this year was to ensure that it was fair game – despite what some might think. If you have a car that is one of the top builds, have little or no changes but have won in the previous years – we made a unanimous decision not to judge you. We really wanted to make sure that the fresh builds had a chance against the more seasoned builds.

The group also raised a huge $5,500 to put towards the Calgary Humane Society. It’s not only the show that gets bigger, but the amount raised as well – this is AMAZING. Good job everyone… Let’s get to this conclusion…

IMG_2887 copy

As I neared the end of my round and got back to the tent, a few cars that were parked on the sideline – Jackie’s Tundra.

IMG_2888 copy

Alex’s other car – MDX on TE37’s… Everything is modified in his house.

IMG_2889 copy

Nick’s GTR

Also a few extras below that I missed adding for some reason… It must have gotten mixed up in my FlickR when I was re-organizing…

IMG_2734 copy

The aggressive track set up Integra…

IMG_2735 copy

GTI on VIP Modulars

IMG_2736 copy

GTI on Work VS-XX’s

IMG_2737 copy

IMG_2738 copy IMG_2740 copy

Ron’s R32 GTR on bronze Work Meister S1R’s

IMG_2742 copy

A chameleon wrapped STI

IMG_2743 copy

IMG_2745 copy IMG_2749 copy

IMG_2751 copy IMG_2753 copy

IMG_2756 copy

IMG_2758 copy

IMG_2760 copy IMG_2762 copy

A super sick Tourer… Also another one of my show favourites…

IMG_2763 copy IMG_2764 copy

IMG_2766 copy

Flared Mazda3

IMG_2767 copy

Eric’s S15

IMG_2768 copy IMG_2769 copy

IMG_2770 copy IMG_2771 copy

IMG_2891 copy

And getting back to the view from the tent.

IMG_2899 copy

The hard working team that helped all that came to the tent that day…

IMG_2900 copy

I got them to turn around for a quick shot – Nat, Barb, JC, Diana, and Cindy. Good job guys!

IMG_2901 copy

Not too far from the tent was Rich DJ-ing for the crowd. It does help that there’s some music playing as background music while you’re walking around.

IMG_2903 copy

IMG_2905 copy

Cool shirts this year

IMG_2908 copy

Rich playing an all-time classic… Clarity – by Zedd. Brought tears and memories to my eyes…

IMG_2910 copy

Out of no where, I heard a bunch of laughing and I look over to see Errol on the ground holding his family jewels. Not knowing why, I ran over and took pictures first and asked questions later…

IMG_2911 copy

Turns out that Alex whipped him with his microfiber cloth and hit right on the mark. Poor Errol…

IMG_2917 copy

Everyone getting ready to start handing out awards and calling names for the raffles…

IMG_2921 copy

Jimmy from VEX was MC again…

IMG_2923 copy

IMG_2925 copy

The crowd awaiting the good stuff…

IMG_2928 copy

I didn’t have names, but this lucky winner got the first prize – a GoPro Hero 4, battery and memory card sponsored by Urban X.

IMG_2931 copy

Errol bought a whole load of tickets (as well as a bunch of others) and ended up winning and Apple iPad Mini 3 sponsored by Bag Barn.

IMG_2932 copy

Errol scrambling to find the winning ticket in-between all his others…

IMG_2934 copy

Another individual won Haute AG’s prize consisting of a Low Profile jack, socket set, and ratcheting wrenches.

IMG_2937 copy

Aldo also ended up putting a bunch of money in and ended up winning the Apple watch sponsored by Speed Options… I wish I got it with my one ticket… T_T

IMG_2938 copy

All smiles with his win.

IMG_2940 copy

Hard to really take a pic of all the people. There was a bunch way back and to the left…

IMG_2943 copy

This lucky dude won the prize with $1000 off an air set up/install from Bag Barn.

IMG_2944 copy

Corey still working his butt off…

IMG_2945 copy

Next up were the winners of the Honour Roll…

IMG_2947 copy

IMG_2845 copy


First up was Tommy Daraseng and his BMW M3

IMG_2948 copy

IMG_2949 copy

IMG_2857 copy

Next was Chico Aguilar and his gold wrapped, Varis-equipped Evo X MR.

IMG_2950 copy

IMG_2951 copy

IMG_2837 copy

Matt Dower and his green and bagged GMC pick up…

IMG_2953 copy

IMG_2497 copy

Kevin Nguyen and his blue 1991 Skyline GTR

IMG_2955 copy

IMG_2500 copy

Greg Pock (this is not Greg) and his black Rocket Bunny RX7

IMG_2956 copy

IMG_2957 copy

IMG_2646 copy

Jeff Lange and his impeccable 1986 Corolla GT-S (the one that has been restored close to mint)

IMG_2959 copy
IMG_2718 copy
Jessie Joe Curtis and his 2006 Subaru WRX with an aggressive track set up.

IMG_2961 copy

IMG_2687 copy

Quincy Yuen and his Varis Widebody Subaru STI Hatch

IMG_2963 copy

IMG_2694 copy

Reggie Mah and his Varis x Rocket Bunny FRS

IMG_2965 copy

IMG_2571 copy

Sebastian Prucnal with a red 1989 BMW 325i Wagon

IMG_2966 copy

IMG_2967 copy

IMG_2625 copy

Curtis Rider (this is not Curtis) and his 1981 VW Caddy Rabbit Pick up

IMG_2969 copy

IMG_2746 copy
Adam Merrill and his 1992 VW GTI

IMG_2971 copy

IMG_2636 copy

Last but not least, Curtis Cooper and his purple S15.

IMG_2556 copy

Missing in this list is Noel Eggers and his ’98 240SX.

IMG_2559 copy

As well as Michael Boulanger and his mint ’94 Mazda RX7

IMG_2973 copy

That’s a wrap for Sunday School coverage! Another good year in the books. I really hope that next year is even better… I’m already looking forward to it! Thanks for the awesome show everyone!

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