illmotion Sunday School Show & Shine 2015: Part 5

Part 5! One more to go after this!

IMG_2774 copy


IMG_2776 copy

A Iron Man-themed Scion tC…

IMG_2778 copy

IMG_2779 copy

The Scion xB/Toyota Rumion

IMG_2780 copy

IMG_2781 copy

Scion iQ on Volk TE37’s. Looks pretty bad ass!

IMG_2782 copyIMG_2783 copy

Terence Wah’s boosed BRZ. Looks awesome with his new Voltex Type 1S

IMG_2784 copyIMG_2786 copy

IMG_2787 copyIMG_2789 copy

IMG_2790 copyIMG_2794 copy

IMG_2792 copyIMG_2796 copy

STI on Advan RG-D’s. Very clean.

IMG_2798 copyIMG_2800 copy

Not sure if this was intentional for the show or if it’s always like this… Whatever floats your boat.

IMG_2801 copy

Clean Evo X on CE28’s

IMG_2802 copy

Nismo 370Z. Not sure how I feel about it, but I’m not saying I wouldn’t rock it either. It’s still one of the cars I’d like to have even though I know I wouldn’t be happy with it LOL

IMG_2803 copyIMG_2804 copy

A pretty clean Lexus GS

IMG_2805 copy

A Tiffany coloured Del Sol and a bagged Prius. They had a cool pet pig with them too lol

IMG_2806 copy

S2000 on CE28’s

IMG_2807 copyIMG_2809 copy

IMG_2810 copy

4-door R34. Pretty rare to see.

IMG_2811 copy

Jonathan’s G35

IMG_2812 copy

240SX on 350Z wheels.

IMG_2814 copy

Jimmy’s Civic EM1 on bronze TE37’s. Nice of you to join us from Edmonton!

IMG_2815 copyIMG_2818 copy

Brandon’s RSX on white TE37’s

IMG_2819 copy

Another highly rare platform to modify – Ford Fusion. Not sure if it was bagged or static, but you work with what you got!

IMG_2820 copy

The Nissan Pulsar from HIN

IMG_2822 copy

Rob’s 240SX

IMG_2821 copy

IMG_2823 copy

RHD Supra on Varrstoen’s

IMG_2824 copy

Yellow R32

IMG_2825 copy

Jason’s white on white TL

IMG_2827 copy

IMG_2828 copy

Bag Barn’s booth starts with a bagged Ford Focus ST hatch

IMG_2830 copy

IMG_2831 copy

Again, the clean GLI from HIN

IMG_2832 copy

IMG_2835 copy

IMG_2837 copy

Matt Dower’s bagged GMC Sierra. Super mint.

IMG_2838 copy

IMG_2839 copy

IMG_2841 copy

IMG_2842 copy

IMG_2844 copy

Tommy’s BMW M3 on BBS FI’s… For a more detailed spec list, search up “Tommy’s M3” in the search bar and look for the photoshoot I did earlier this year!

IMG_2845 copy

IMG_2846 copy

Tommy’s other ride – BMW X6 M on ADV1’s. Beautiful.

IMG_2847 copy

IMG_2848 copy

Paul’s EK from Garage Box

IMG_2849 copy

IMG_2850 copy

IMG_2852 copy

Dumped STI with a Varis lip kit… Some say they don’t even see a car in this picture…

IMG_2853 copy

Same goes for this pic…

IMG_2854 copy

A Varis kitted Evo X. Looks great.

IMG_2855 copy

While I was between the two Evo’s, there was another photographer shooting this model and asked me to take a few shots too. You all probably already know I’m not big on shooting models but I wasn’t about to say no. So I took a shot and moved on…

IMG_2857 copy

Back to that Evo…

IMG_2858 copy

IMG_2859 copy

Another Varis kitted Evo X. Tough choice between the two because they were both very nicely executed. I was more a fan of this one because of the GT wing 🙂

IMG_2861 copy

IMG_2862 copy

IMG_2864 copy

IMG_2865 copy

IMG_2866 copy

IMG_2868 copy

IMG_2869 copy

IMG_2870 copy

Pretty clean GTR on Advan GT’s.

IMG_2873 copy

IMG_2875 copy

A fairly aggressive STI on Rota SVN’s.

IMG_2876 copy

IMG_2878 copy

IMG_2880 copy

A bad shot of Urban X’s E36 M3. There was a group to the left that just kept chillin…

IMG_2882 copy

IMG_2884 copy

Orange on orange Ferrari… Not sure how I feel about this. Different for sure…

IMG_2886 copy

The last part before I get onto the last piece and the awards!

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