illmotion Sunday School Show & Shine 2015: Part 4

And we continue…

IMG_2622 copy

Jesse and Mike from DUB Dynasty brought out their beetle that they’ve been working on for a while now and it’s making some good progress. Still not up and running for obvious reasons but it’s gonna be a gooder when it does!

IMG_2623 copy

Progress on the swap that they’re doing…

IMG_2625 copy

So clean. Nice wrap job too.

IMG_2627 copy


This was cray. I love it but I personally don’t think I could drive in this without getting a broken ass/back/everything.

IMG_2628 copy

And you see why lol. The seat backs are virtually non-existent because I don’t think strings or rope count lol.

IMG_2629 copy

Kirsten Thurlow’s convertible 240SX with a leopard print going on in the front.

IMG_2630 copy

Simple S14 on Work Meister S1’s. Too bad they discontinued these in the bigger sizes. They look nice without the bolts…

IMG_2632 copy

Steven’s STI Sedan

IMG_2634 copyIMG_2636 copy

An incredibly clean S15 on the new Work CR2P’s. I absolutely loved this build – it’s fresh, it’s new and it’s got a lot of different characteristics you don’t see all too often around here. Hopefully there is more planned to this – I’m looking forward to seeing it. Well done, owner. Well done.

IMG_2638 copy


Very well executed RX8. The RX8 chassis is tough to modify nicely. It wasn’t a super popular platform, but going the simple route like this is perfect.


IMG_2640 copy

IMG_2642 copy


The beastly V8 swapped AE86.

IMG_2643 copy

IMG_2645 copy


So gooooooooood. ITB’s were awesome.

IMG_2646 copy

Jeff Lange’s Corolla was also one of the best cars to come out that day. The restoration that has been done on this car is extensive – a majority of the parts have been replaced with new OEM parts and it’s super close to looking like it just came off the showroom floor.

IMG_2649 copy


The interior is super clean.

IMG_2650 copy

Lots of the parts have been restored and as you can tell – look pretty damn new. This must be a blast to drive.

IMG_2652 copy

The two Corolla’s together. Stock vs highly modified.

IMG_2654 copy

Jimmy’s Datsun 240Z. I’ll never get tired of this colour combo.

IMG_2655 copyIMG_2658 copy

Giuseppe’s beautiful R32 Skyline with a few new additions. Garage Mak side generators were added which flow extremely well with the car.

IMG_2661 copy

A new diffuser fitted up to the rear and this looks fantastic. Just when you thought this car couldn’t get any better, Giuseppe goes and makes it better. Damn Italians…

IMG_2663 copy

R34 GTR V-Spec on super concave ZE40’s

IMG_2664 copy


And it’s twin…

IMG_2665 copy

IMG_2666 copy

White S15 on WedsSport SA55M’s

IMG_2668 copy

IMG_2670 copy

IMG_2673 copy

IMG_2675 copyIMG_2676 copy

Daniel’s E55 AMG – love the look of this.

IMG_2680 copy


Daniel’s M3 with an Advan/Yokohama livery.

IMG_2681 copy

This G35 was a quite the attention grabber. It was pretty damn loud rolling in.

IMG_2682 copy


Supercharger set up

IMG_2683 copy

Clarence and his STI start off the BC gang…

IMG_2684 copy

Full Voltex Aero on Velvet Blue Gram Lights.

IMG_2685 copy

Rear set up with Voltex V-mount and custom wing stands, Voltex rear diffuser and an Amuse exhaust.

IMG_2686 copy

Quincy had a few significant changes as well on his car – one of the most noticeable changes are the ZE40’s in place of the TE37’s…

IMG_2687 copy

Also if you look closely, the headlights have also been swapped out for custom 1 of 1 Car Shop Glow headlights…

IMG_2688 copy

An up close shot – I didn’t see Quincy at all for a chance to ask for a demonstration but they look damn cool.

IMG_2690 copy

The Varis widebody flows all the way through to the back also finished off with an Amuse exhaust.

IMG_2692 copy

Dicken’s Varis Widebody Evo X also joined the crew after being freshly finished being put together in BC.

IMG_2693 copy

And ending it was Reggie’s Varis x Rocket Bunny FRS

IMG_2694 copy

I thoroughly enjoy this look.

IMG_2695 copy

One more shot of Quincy’s STI from the front. Too good not to share…

IMG_2697 copy

Mario’s Ford Focus ST laid out starting the ThreeTwenty booth…

IMG_2698 copy

Another ST in white… I assume to be the Mayo?

IMG_2700 copy

And Bill’s Ford Focus Sedan with an ST front end conversion.

IMG_2702 copy

Don’s Golf R aired out.

IMG_2704 copy

Shane’s Integra still looking good as always

IMG_2705 copy

IMG_2706 copyIMG_2707 copy

Brooks’ Evo 9 – a familiar sight from HIN.

IMG_2711 copyIMG_2712 copy

Blue and yellow Evo’s beside each other.

IMG_2713 copyIMG_2715 copy

IMG_2716 copy

And to end this part off – A pretty sick kart that the U of C students brought out for the show. They were talking about the specifics of it and it sounded interesting but like I said – I was pretty much dying of heat stroke so I moved on quick…

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