illmotion Sunday School Show & Shine 2015: Part 3

Part 3! Still a lot of good cars coming your way…

IMG_2540 copy

Jason Divina’s new STI on velvet blue Gram Lights.

IMG_2599 copy

Subie Wagon

IMG_2542 copy

Pretty cool to see the Consulier GTP in person. I had seen it in a few pics in some other event coverage… I believe there were only 100 of these cars that were made so it’s cool that one resides locally. Don’t know much more than that, but it’s definitely different.

IMG_2545 copy

RHD Supra on TE37’s. Could use a slightly more aggressive fitment for a Supra, but I liked the colour.


IMG_2547 copy

This was an extremely clean S13 on Work VSKF’s. Probably one of my favourite that unfortunately noted that it did not want to be judged.

IMG_2548 copy

An exceptionally clean LS swap. I would say one of the best done locally. I can’t remember the owner – but if you’re reading this, let’s shoot šŸ™‚

IMG_2549 copy

Ryan Tsang’s Hyundai Genesis

IMG_2551 copy

Kelvin’s K20 swapped Acura 1.6EL fitted with a Voltex wing out back. It’s different for sure, but it looks real good in person.

IMG_2553 copy

Clean ITR on bronze TE37’s – timeless combo. I believe this was Jackie’s previously for a short while…

IMG_2554 copy

Noel’s 1JZ-swapped S14 on Work VS-KF’s wrapped in black. I saw a lot of progress on Noel’s car over instagram and it’s turned out to be pretty awesome.

IMG_2556 copy

One more shot down low to show the fitment.

IMG_2558 copy

Kenji’s S15 – you may remember from the HIN post not too long ago…

IMG_2559 copy

Michael Boulanger’s absolutely stunning RX7. Repainted, a lot of the fabrication was done by himself and peep the Car Shop Glow lights too.

IMG_2561 copy

IMG_2562 copy

Josh Sivada’s bagged S5 on Work Meister S1 3P’s

IMG_2564 copy

Tim’s K20 Swapped and supercharged EG hatch. It’s now on Volk CE28’s rather than the Spoon SW388’s when I shot it a while ago.

IMG_2565 copy


I personally enjoy this look a lot more.


IMG_2566 copy

The Comptech Supercharger mated to the K20

IMG_2568 copy

Steve’s RSX

IMG_2569 copy

Errol’s RSX – one of the newest additions since we got back from BC was a Spoon CF diffuser that you can just barely see in the pic.

IMG_2571 copy


E30 wagon… Apparently everything on this was changed out to new OEM stuff. It is absolutely mint.

IMG_2573 copy

Aldo’s white on white S2000 starting off team S2k

IMG_2575 copy

Justin’s S2000 on black TE37’s

IMG_2577 copy

And finally Alex’s S2000 on SSR Type-C’s

IMG_2578 copy


Nice CF Mugen intake in the bay.


IMG_2580 copy

Alex also decided to just go ahead and bring out almost half of his fleet of cars out while he was at it. Here’s his TL-S DD on bronze ZE40’s. Looks amazing.

IMG_2581 copy


And finally, his pride and joy (maybe sometimes headache – depending on when you talk to him) his Integra.

IMG_2584 copy

Absolutely one of the cleanest and most meticulous builds in Calgary hands down. Mugen bolts left, right, and center and even where you can’t even ever see them if you tried. I could go on, but we’ll save that for another day…

IMG_2586 copy

Brad’s supercharged K20 EM1. He’s been a stranger lately but it was good to see this out for a bit of sun.


IMG_2587 copy

IMG_2589 copy

Isaac’s LS swapped RX7 joined in too for Balance Auto Garage.

IMG_2592 copy

Jackie’s 4Runner on bronze TE37’s

IMG_2594 copy


Wasn’t quite sure what was going with this… Zipties, dents, a whole lotta things – admittedly, I remember feeling heatstroke by this point LOL.

IMG_2595 copy

Team RX7 for Team Royalty.

IMG_2596 copyIMG_2598 copy

IMG_2601 copyIMG_2603 copy

Again, the clean STI Hatch on Meister S1 3P’s that was in attendance at HIN.

IMG_2606 copy


Not normally a fan of wraps because it’s difficult to get done right but I did like the colour of this. I think this would be a winning combo with some aggressive aero.

IMG_2609 copy

Clean boosted FRS from Team Royalty.

IMG_2611 copy

Josh’s FRS







IMG_2613 copy

A wrapped 350Z in matte white on Work VS-KF’s… This seems to be the year of VS-KF’s too…

IMG_2614 copy


I remember seeing this 350Z in Edmonton for the season opener and the GT wing caught my eye. Every time… It’s my weakness.

IMG_2616 copy

Cy’s Chaser is a car that I truly enjoy looking at. It’s simple, and pulls off the sport VIP theme very well. It’s got a bit of a Japanese influence as well with anime paraphernalia in and around the car.

IMG_2617 copy

The cream colour is perfect.

IMG_2618 copy

On the dash – not sure what this is from, but it works with the whole theme. Reminds me of Maplestory…

IMG_2619 copy

I’ll say it – this Celsior from Team Royalty was hands down my personal favourite. I just love the look and the overall execution. A bit of the VIP styling in me still lives on and big bodies have a soft sport in my heart. The fitment, the colour, and the bodywork was wicked.

IMG_2620 copy

The Weds Kranze Cerberus flow well with this car, and it’s tough to find a car that those wheels work well on because of design. I’d love to have this as a DD…

IMG_2621 copy

One more of it from the front cause I love it. Well done, sir.

Now I gotta go and edit more and find time to put them up!

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