illmotion Sunday School Show & Shine 2015: Part 2

Part 2 coming 2fast2furious. (heh)

As I start to roll these sections out, I want to be clear again – like always with all my other coverage posts – if there were people standing and hoarding around your car, I skipped it unless it was really worth my time to take a picture of it because I needed a lasting memory or something. If you were standing by your car making sure someone was going to take a picture of it, I skipped it. Finally, (and this is really nobody’s fault except that I’m impatient in hot, sunny weather) if someone was standing there with their phone/camera attached to a selfie stick spending 30 seconds trying to take artistic shots of your headlight/JDMASF*CK lugnuts/turbo/seats/wheel/sticker/or whatever else constitutes as cool… I skipped it.

With that out of the way – I do want to say that I tried my absolute best to take a picture of as many cars as I could before I started dying of heat exhaustion. If you don’t see your car here or in the next few posts, I likely do not have a picture of it to begin with. Blame one of the three reasons above.

IMG_2458 copy

Starting off the line with Corey’s S2000 on bronze CE28’s

IMG_2459 copy

And Ryan’s S2000 on Meister S1 3P. Love this combo.

IMG_2461 copy

Punit’s GS450h laid out on AME’s

IMG_2463 copy

Gopesh’s GTI on BBS’s and wide flares

IMG_2464 copy

JC’s CT200h on VS-XX’s. The cool thing about his wheels is that they used to be gold, but over the years they’ve been sun faded to a rose gold. It actually looks dope as hell and I love it haha

IMG_2468 copy

Rich’s S6 wagon on LE37’s

IMG_2470 copy

You’ve seen enough of my car… Even I’m tired of looking at it this way.

IMG_2474 copy

And finally, Trung’s Voltex S2000 on Advan GT’s.

IMG_2477 copy

RJ’s RB-powered 240sx – don’t see this thing too often.

IMG_2479 copy

Autodream’s boosted FRS

IMG_2480 copy

Looks fun.

IMG_2481 copy

The Autodream pair again as seen in HIN coverage.

IMG_2484 copy

IMG_2487 copy

IMG_2488 copy

This R32 had wild livery/decals.

IMG_2490 copy

With a huge ass turbo.

IMG_2492 copy

IMG_2494 copy

An R32 that I just realized looks exactly like Ron’s R32 without the tire paint…

IMG_2497 copy

A beautiful R32 on Meister S1 3P

IMG_2498 copy

A familiar Rocket Bunny RX7 looking super good. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of looking at it.

IMG_2500 copy

Them hips don’t lie.

IMG_2502 copy

Evo 9 on CE28’s

IMG_2504 copy

A very aggressive S14 from Autodream on Work Emotion XT7’s. I don’t usually dig black on black but this was executed nicely.

IMG_2505 copy

IMG_2506 copy

Clean engine bay set up as well.

IMG_2507 copy

And a huge GT wing out back. I dig it.

IMG_2508 copy

Very clean and mint MR2

IMG_2511 copy

Romel’s Toyota Celica with new flares and TRD goodies. This was awesome to see out in the sun.

IMG_2513 copy

RHD Supra on Meister S1R’s

IMG_2514 copy

IMG_2516 copy

Good to see some Domestics coming out to play too. I’m a big fan of the newer Camaros

IMG_2518 copy

Another favourite from HIN was this slammed Miata. Not usually a fan but this was executed nicely and without very many aesthetic mods. Super clean.

IMG_2520 copy

Carlos’ WRX came out to play as well

IMG_2521 copy

Charlie’s Supra on a new Shine Auto Project kit with Meister S1 3P’s wrapped in white

IMG_2522 copy

IMG_2524 copy

IMG_2525 copy

R32 on VS-XX’s and really wide rear quarters. PS – that’s the gold JC’s wheels used to be. 🙂

IMG_2527 copy

IMG_2529 copy

Clean AE86

IMG_2530 copy

Pretty rare sight – Corolla TE72…

IMG_2531 copy

IMG_2533 copy

Rayneel’s AE86 still look clean as ever.

IMG_2534 copy

This chassis will always have a soft spot in my heart.

IMG_2536 copy

Randy’s Honda S600. This machine is a thing of beauty. Absolute perfection and I love that Randy brings it out to all the shows.

IMG_2537 copy

IMG_2538 copy

Check the redline on this… 9500…

IMG_2539 copy

Original everything still. Reminds me of the white on red S2000’s you see today.

Sorry – short one today! There’s still a ton of pics coming that I haven’t edited or uploaded yet. I’ll try to get that up tomorrow!

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