illmotion Sunday School Show & Shine 2015: Part 1

The time has finally come! Sunday School coverage as per usual is going to take a few parts to get through – in total I had something like 550 pictures and I’m about 220 through. I don’t want to spoil it all in one post nor do I want to lag this whole site. Getting through all the pictures are tough after having to edit both HIN Vancouver and Calgary – I start to get a little A.D.D. and do something else…

Anyway, for those of you don’t know – this is the 5th annual Sunday School Show & Shine that’s been happening for Calgary and it just amazes me how much reception it has gained and how fast 5 years has gone by.  The original intent of the show was to truly put on something to “revive” the slowly dying tuning culture in and around the city. The much smaller, and more expensive show at the time – Driven/DTP – was non-existent for one of those years and when it did finally come, there was nothing exciting about it anymore. The same cars came out, there was little progression in a lot of the builds, and it was really just a cash grab and a reason for people like us to go and do something close to a car show. Don’t get me wrong, Driven is still a great event to go to but there were a couple things that it lacked that a venue, or tons of money being thrown at it couldn’t achieve. That is a sense of community and a sense of culture – the most important piece to this scene, in my opinion.

When illmotion started this show, there was no intention of making money or profiting off of it. I say that truthfully from the bottom of my heart because I know – I was part of it when we came up with the idea. Today, the guys have continued to foster that same mentality and one of the ONLY reasons money was involved was to make people accountable for their spots. We didn’t want a typical parking lot meet where random people come and go, and when the idea of admission came up, the next idea was who do we give the money to? Charity is a big part of the reason for all the raffles and merchandise and all that other good stuff. It was a big part of the whole sha-bang the first year, and it still is in its fifth year.

From myself and even on behalf of the illmotion guys and everyone who pitched their hand into making this day successful, I want to give everyone a thanks for making this what it is today. Your attendance, your cars… You are really the ones bringing this altogether. The illmotion guys still have the intention of making this THE show to go to and THE show to stay up past midnight to register for, and it sells out faster and faster every year – that’s when you know you’re doing it right.  5 years ago, the scene was bland and stagnant – there was little progression and even less reason to make it better. The quality of cars that come out every year increases dramatically and that’s exciting for me – both as a photographer and a car lover. There are tons of new faces, new builds, people taking chances on their cars which in turn forces the progression we had seen so little of before. I love it and I hope that this show continues to grow and become better for every year ahead of us. Let’s get this party started…

IMG_2390 copy

My first part will start off with the morning and just random shots of whatever I could take of roll-in when I wasn’t busy helping with set up or sitting in the shade cause it was so damn hot. This shot was at around 9:30AM… Empty lot except for the helper crew. Peep Giuseppe’s Skyline parked there all by it’s lonesome…

IMG_2392 copy

My car all clean from the trip to Vancouver – which btw it took me hours to remove the caked on bug guts. Right beside Trung’s Voltex S2000… Not sure if that’s a good thing or not. I need my GT wing if I’m going to park by him again lol.

IMG_2394 copy

Diana getting settled into the tent.

IMG_2395 copy

The goodies for the day… This year, they were donating to the Calgary Humane Society. A perfect choice this year.

IMG_2397 copy

The new “Honour Roll” awards. 15 in total for the top cars of the show as recognition.

IMG_2398 copy

And finally the generous prizes gifted from local sponsors/shops. You were crazy not to try and win one of these.

IMG_2400 copy

More cars had rolled in and were setting up… The beautiful skyline in the back. I think that’s the best part of this location.

IMG_2401 copy

The other side of the lot slowly filling up as well.

IMG_2402 copy

illmotion x LEVEL one.

IMG_2404 copy

Paul’s EK rolling in.

IMG_2406 copy

Rich, Gopesh, and Nikhil checking registrants off the list as they came in. Admittedly, they’ve gotten super pro at this over the years that there wasn’t too much backlog up onto the main road. The first few years were gongshows lol.

IMG_2408 copy

Tommy’s beautiful M3 that I shot earlier in the year.

IMG_2410 copy

You can see the line up building up the hill…

IMG_2411 copy

Jimmy’s pristine Datsun 240Z

IMG_2412 copy

Mint R34 Skyline on bronze ZE40’s.

IMG_2413 copy

I hadn’t seen this RX8 since the first Driven show that we entered as illmotion. Still looks good several years later.

IMG_2414 copy

Lined up.

IMG_2416 copy

The V8 AE86 rolling through. I loved the sound of this thing.

IMG_2419 copy

The Autodream Skyline pair.

IMG_2422 copy

Don’s bagged Golf R. This was the first time I’ve seen it since he got the air on.

IMG_2424 copy

“Slyder” S14 from Autodream

IMG_2425 copy

Corey – the mastermind behind all of the illmotion videos you see – was probably the hardest working mother f*cker all day. I don’t know how he does it – I get tired taking pictures, which is really just pushing a button but he has to make sure every second that he records is useful footage. Kudos to Corey!

IMG_2427 copy

Eric’s S15 rolling through

IMG_2432 copy

The main tent

IMG_2434 copy

Diana, Nat, and Cindy getting ready for the long, hot day.

IMG_2436 copy

One of Bag Barn’s trucks rolling through dumped. It scraped the whole way in… Looked awesome.

IMG_2437 copy

Hot like fiyah.

IMG_2440 copy

The main line up.

IMG_2441 copy

Steven’s STI rolling through.

IMG_2442 copy

Corey again working his white ass off.

IMG_2445 copy

Another clean S15

IMG_2448 copy

IMG_2449 copy

Daniel and his company – Haute AG coming through. The M3 I shot a while back being towed…

IMG_2453 copy

Tommy’s other whip – X6 M on ADV1’s looking clean as hell.

IMG_2457 copy

And the main team for the day – Diana, Nat, Barb, and Cindy. If you came through that day, one of these lovely ladies probably helped you out and hopefully they didn’t bite. We tried to keep them fed and hydrated at all times so that they wouldn’t maul anyone. I think it’s safe to say, they did a great job!

Roll in done! Quite short, but think of it as an appetizer for the next several parts… I’ll aim for the next day or so!

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