Hot Import Nights 2015: Calgary

Finally starting to catch up on coverage! As much as I’d like to postpone them a little longer (just to buy myself more time), it’s a little different with show coverage since it can get old quick and most people want to see the photos sooner rather than later. Now that we’re through HIN Vancouver, we’re back home for HIN Calgary.

The same things I said about HIN Vancouver pretty much translate over to HIN Calgary. The major difference is that the Calgary show was much bigger in quantity but really didn’t match the quality that Vancouver brings. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of well-built cars in Calgary and a ton of new builds that really just came out of no where. My personal opinion is that shows like this that need to live up to at least half the hype that is expected need to filter through the cars and not accept everything. It starts to become a very thin line when you do that because then people get upset. If you’re upset, that means you’re car isn’t up to par yet – there shouldn’t be any hard feelings.

At the end of the day, it’s a car show – not a meet. I know some of you might be saying “well, what about illmotion’s Sunday School”? In my books, HIN and Sunday School are in two different categories. HIN is – as I stated in the HIN Vancouver post – an all out show that really cuts no corners. It is all out and it’s really something Calgary hasn’t had in a long, long time due to whatever reason. Sunday School is, and always has been a way to bring the automotive community together – it was to recharge the scene and to get people excited about it all over again. No big admission fees, no stages, no lights and models… It was all for a good cause, with donations and proceeds going to a different charity every year.

One thing that I was kind of surprised about was the lack of advertising for HIN, considering the reputation and all. I personally didn’t see anything on social media regarding HIN – no registration dates/times, no location, no nothing. I heard it mentioned here and there but nothing solid was ever established. It is certainly possible that I’m not as connected as the rest of the crowd is or I’ve just been out of the loop, but I didn’t know there was even something happening until just a few days before the show. The date chosen was probably not a good idea since it was the same day as Chasing Summer – where all the hippie, raver kids like to go (all like 15,000 of them from surrounding areas), and it was the day before Sunday School which was announced a long time ago. Two car shows back to back is hard to do if you’re part of both of them…

IMG_2192 copy

We showed up a little later in the afternoon to check the show out. It ended up being at Deerfoot Inn and Casino down south… I personally didn’t register for two reasons: one, as stated above – I didn’t know about it… And two, even if I did know, I don’t like how my car looks right now so I hate taking it to shows if I don’t have to lol.

IMG_2194 copy

We started at the beginning and made our way around – Rob’s 240 on Meister S1’s from Low Cals.

IMG_2195 copy

Another angle. Nice red.

IMG_2196 copy

A G35 starting the Low Cals group off…

IMG_2198 copy

Nissan Pulsar GTi-R

IMG_2200 copy

Black on red Rota D-forces

IMG_2202 copy

Evo on WedsSport SA55M’s.

IMG_2203 copy

Kenji’s S15 on Work CR Kai’s

IMG_2205 copy

Mario’s Ford ST still looking clean with a new lip addition.

IMG_2208 copy

A very nice LHD Supra T-top on Meister S1’s. Very clean.

IMG_2209 copy

This Mazda3(speed?) from 403Media and the wide flares are pretty unique.

IMG_2212 copy

IMG_2214 copy

Steven’s STI sedan on TE37SL’s

IMG_2319 copy

@itsbirdy’s FRS

IMG_2322 copy

Another FRS going with the white/black tone.

IMG_2216 copy

This truck was dope as fudge. Probably one of the best there IMO…

IMG_2219 copy

Trunk set up was unreal. 6 compressors and a huge tank with hard lines running into it nicely. The rear struts were visible with custom spiders on top of each strut. I wonder how fast that tank fills…

IMG_2218 copy

On the other side, some shenanigans going on in the back of a truck… No hate though, if I had a truck, I’d probably put a bunch of girls in it and take a picture too…

IMG_2221 copy

A clean GLI aired out on BBS’s

IMG_2222 copy

IMG_2223 copy

IMG_2225 copy

Ron’s R32 Skyline. His skyline is incredibly clean on bronze/bronze Meister S1R’s.

IMG_2228 copy

A lime green wrapped Rocket Bunny RX7 on Weds Kranze LXZ’s. Those rears are massive in person…

IMG_2230 copy

IMG_2231 copy

S14 with an S15 conversion

IMG_2233 copy

Dustin Mak’s S15 on velvet blue Gram Lights 57xtremes

IMG_2234 copy

Kaylee’s S14 in a nice midnight purple on Work CR Kai’s

IMG_2239 copy

Matte blue wrapped Evo on TE37SL’s

IMG_2242 copy

This STI Hatch was super clean – I love the blue and I love the Meisters.

IMG_2244 copy

A very aggressive track set up on this STI with meaty tires, canards and GT wing.

IMG_2246 copy

Cool Seeing an MR2 there – I remember back in my adolescent days of reading Import Tuner and Super Street, this MR2 was my dream car lol.

IMG_2247 copy

Brooks and his rootbeer coloured Evo 9 – they always make their way over for car shows from Saskatchewan.

IMG_2251 copy

IMG_2248 copy

Josh’s FRS still looking good since I last saw it in Edmonton.

IMG_2254 copy

This was new to me – haven’t seen it around before and I enjoyed the execution of it. I think a full paintjob would do this thing wonders since it’s fairly clean already.

IMG_2255 copy

Autodream’s Skyline’s came out to play as usual.

IMG_2258 copy

IMG_2261 copy

This was another cool truck to see – a Hakosuka Sunny truck.

IMG_2265 copy

Aired out Prius.

IMG_2266 copy

Variskitted Evo on Gram Lights.

IMG_2268 copy

IMG_2270 copy

R34 on ZE40’s. Looks good.

IMG_2274 copy

3/4 Rocket Bunny FRS sans the front lip.

IMG_2272 copy

IMG_2276 copy

IMG_2277 copy

Jimmy’s Datsun 240z

IMG_2280 copy

IMG_2282 copy

Another STI on TE37’s. Popular choice of wheel this year lol…

IMG_2284 copy

Jimmy’s M3 on some new shoes – Wedssport SA55m’s in full black

IMG_2286 copy

This was a favourite of mine from the CH Toyota BBQ – Scion xB/Rumion.

IMG_2288 copy

Pretty clean Yaris RS… Don’t see too many of these around…

IMG_2289 copy

IMG_2292 copy

Noel’s S14

IMG_2296 copy

Carlo’s WRX

IMG_2298 copy

Super sick Miata.

IMG_2302 copy

One of my favourites from this show as well as Sunday School was this V8 swapped Corolla with ITB’s. Sounded crazy.

IMG_2304 copy

IMG_2309 copy

Another car that was nice to see was this Varis/Voltex kitted Evo on Work CR Kai’s.

IMG_2311 copy

Aired out STI with a Varis CF lip kit.

IMG_2313 copy

Bag barn and their dumped trucks…

IMG_2315 copy

This one is always a winner in my books…

That’s a wrap for HIN Calgary! The sun was shining, it was hot as fudge, I heard it was a long day from 11AM-9PM or something like that… But kudos to those that tried to put on HIN in Calgary. It still brings cars out and a good enough crowd to make it worth while. Next up is Sunday School coverage… And there are a TON of pics for that so I’ll be breaking them out into parts… Stay tuned.

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