Vancouver Trip 2015: I’m Coming Home

And since this is a short post – I can sneak this in-between the car show posts 🙂

Just a few quick snaps of whatever I remembered to take a picture of before we left. I kind of wish we stayed a bit longer just to relax a bit more but there’s always next time.

IMG_2156 copy


While we were there, it was me and Diana’s 1 year wedding anniversary but we didn’t really plan anything since we were going to be out with everyone. Instead, the crew all got us a little mango cake for a mini celebration. Legit though guys – that was awesome and Diana loved the gesture, she still mentions it. You guys are da real MVP’s.

IMG_2157 copy

Everyone hanging out for the last night.

IMG_2158 copy


The kitchen with a lot of potential that we did not use.

IMG_2161 copy

On the way back, we all sort of split our own separate ways. JC, Aldo and I took Highway 1 back which, coincidentally happens to also be the long way back… Adding a good hour and a half onto our trip back when we were planning on making it back quicker than when we came. Punit and Jackie took another route while Gopesh and Nikhil took yet another.

IMG_2162 copy


This gas station was one of the stops along the abandoned long way…

IMG_2163 copy

You can tell Diana just wanted to go home lol

IMG_2164 copy


The view from the gas station was awesome – nothing but dry, barren hills and mountains. Vancouver is under a water ban currently because they haven’t seen rain in months – which calls for an unfamiliar yellow/orange scene. It’s usually lush and green most of the year.



IMG_2165 copy

Almost ready to roll out again.

IMG_2169 copy

Right after we left that gas station we made our way through the outer parts of the main Cocchiola highway, it was literally like a scene from Top Gear where they just drive – no oncoming traffic, no slow seniors in front of you – just wide open road to drive your car the way it was intended. I would say we had about 50-60km of road like that.

IMG_2174 copy

And then this happens… Anyway, that’s pretty much the end of the trip for us. Once we entered city limits, the rain hit us HARD. I think it was the hardest rain I’ve ever really driven through in Calgary – you could barely see in front of you. Maybe we’ll be nicknamed Rain City and Vancouver can have our weather and snow.

Back to car show stuff shortly…

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