Balance Auto Garage: Grand Opening BBQ

As per one of my earlier posts – Jackie had just moved into a new shop and is in the final stages of settling in. I know he’s been spending his days going to and from the old and new shop transferring truck loads of things. Jackie was gracious enough to hold a grand opening BBQ for people to just come and chill and check out the new digs. Seriously, if you guys are ever in need of anything automotive – Jackie is your go-to guy. He’s done a lot of work for all of our close friends over the last two years – things from air suspension installs, alignments, mount and balancing, to simple oil changes and maintenance.

This new shop is by far my favourite in terms of looks, general layout, and of course the location (for selfish me). Anyway, I took a few shots of the evening – it’s been a long time since we’ve had just a chill night.

IMG_2324 copy

The main squad getting the BBQ stuff ready

IMG_2325 copy


IMG_2329 copy

This should be no surprise to anyone that Trung’s car is still with Jackie LOL. Isaac’s LS swapped RX7 up front.

IMG_2330 copy

Meanwhile, on the upper level Rich is DJ-ing for the party.

IMG_2335 copy

Not too long after, Punit found the sound effect buttons and thought he could replaced Rich.

IMG_2336 copy

And then back to the lower level, we went to go sit and watch some 2Fast2Furious. Not sure what Gopesh is laughing about. But when you come drop your car off for work here, you’ll have the power of Netflix in your hands. No more of that awkward silence with other customers, or those boring magazines from 2002 – At Balance Auto Garage, Jackie’s got you covered.

Sick sales pitch, right? I do it for free.

IMG_2340 copy

Outside, Barb was in charge of cooking the mighty delicious burgers. They were so juicy that Barb apparently needed to support her spatula wrist with her left hand. That’s what I call determination.

IMG_2343 copy

Outside the shop – Steve’s RSX, Barb’s TSX, and Aldo’s S2000 lined up.

IMG_2345 copy

A little later in the evening, Clarence and Reggie showed up after a long trip over from Vancouver.

IMG_2346 copy

IMG_2347 copyIMG_2348 copy

Reggie’s Varis x Rockey Bunny is definitely a good match up.

IMG_2349 copy

Meanwhile, Clarance’s extremely aggressive Voltex STI and anime livery is definitely something worthy of neck breaking.

IMG_2350 copy

A shot of the front splitter and canards.

IMG_2351 copy

Out back, A Voltex Type 5V GT wing with custom wing stands.

Side note: I didn’t notice until I started editing but Steve’s car is the focus of the photo and not the Voltex sticker like I had intended. Makes for a cool reflection shot. Or I’m just a nerd…

IMG_2352 copy

Continuing the livery around to the doors.

IMG_2354 copy

More food inside the shop. You gotta have the Chinese food, man. It’s always a hit.

IMG_2357 copy

At that moment in time, I captured the looks of three individuals where their only purpose was to put something in their mouths.

IMG_2358 copy

Another view from up top. Most of the people were outside and I don’t know how because it was hot as F.

IMG_2360 copy

Cool shot of Trung’s S2000 from above. Can never get sick of that view.

IMG_2368 copy

We got lazy again and decided to chill in another part of Jackie’s shop for a bit to get away from the heat. It wasn’t too helpful since this room was hotter anyway…

IMG_2372 copy

Adrian was fixing up Jackie’s F40 Lego model…

IMG_2374 copy

Rich ended up playing only the best party song ever – Danza Kuduro. Aldo couldn’t help but run out and snap it while dancing. It truly is a good song though LOL

EDIT: I added a video of this at the bottom.

IMG_2382 copy

Another artsy shot of Trung’s S2000. The lighting was too good.

IMG_2384 copy

And finally – can’t forget Jackie’s 4Runner YOLO-ing outside the shop. He’s officially open everyone! Go hit him up. Tell him Jason sent you. 🙂

A super quick clip that I didn’t even edit (probably the 4th video I’ve ever made on my 7D) of the general vibe of the shop tonight. I just liked the song lol!

Also – for those of you reading: Remember to check out the illmotion Sunday School show tomorrow at Max Bell arena! Gonna be another awesome show.

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