New Workstation!

Part of what we’ve been doing is just getting the house in order… It’s been a mess since the wedding last year and the room for my “office” or “workstation” has been full of junk and just crap laying all over the place. I’ve been wanting to fix it up because my PC has been sitting in the living room hooked up to the TV and while that’s great for streaming shows, it’s not so great when you have to do a bunch of editing. I’ve literally been sitting on the ground or like two pillows like some peasant on the TV station getting an aching back or losing the feeling in my legs. It’s not so great…

On Canada Day, Diana and I decided to hit up good ol’ Ikea to check it out and with our luck, there was a sale! We copped everything and got home and cleaned the room up and set up. It’s no fancy station, but it’s 100x better than what I used to be doing… At the same time, we hired some peeps to do our fence so that’s going up pretty quick. The developers dropped off some shrubs so now we have to get our green thumbs on and do some planting – far from my comfort zone of suspension installs and wrenching in general. Lastly, in about a week Diana and I are headed off to Maya Riviera for our annual vacation for her Birthday. As much as I want to get some content up here for you guys, it’s really the last thing I can (or even “want”) to be doing right now…

It’s far from car related but it’s something, right?! Anyway, just some quick snaps.

IMG_1512 copy

Quick shot. Pretty simple… I was able to keep my Recaro 🙂

IMG_1514 copy

Did a bunch of wire tucks in the back.

IMG_1515 copy

#lifewithjson in the corner… Of course Diana had to add her little touches – some girly pencil holder.

IMG_1519 copy

Side note to all this – Diana has been talking about wanting to make some Terrarium stuff for a while now and we had some free time to go and do just that. Pretty cool if you ask me. First time I’ve ever really seen anything like it and it seems to be some sort of trend that’s catching on quick. You literally just go and buy rocks, dirt and mini plants that last basically forever and design them like so. Diana’s already convinced me to try my hand at it so when I do that, I’ll probably be posting it… It’s a nice little addition for the desk.

IMG_1520 copy

Up close shot of the plant she chose. I don’t even know what it’s called but it’s cool as shit. Low maintenance. Aesthetics points. Hipster value.

Admittedly, she originally got this for the living room downstairs but once it was done, I convinced her to put it in my office where it will get more attention… This isn’t the last of Terrariums in our house…

2 thoughts on “New Workstation!

    • Jimmy, I know man! It’s killing me too – trust me. LOL I’ve just been so damn busy, I can barely even update Instagram with cool shit! I promise I’ll have some cool stuff by end of next week. Going to BC, so I’ll be shooting a few things out there again.
      I do appreciate the support though man! Thank you!

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