3rd Annual Scion BBQ Meet

This was kind of a last minute thing for us – JC messaged us in the morning and said that there was a Scion BBQ at Country Hills Toyota and it  was a nice day so we thought to go and check it out. A pretty decent turn out but a fun few hours nonetheless. How can you complain when there’s free BBQ, drinks and snacks? You can’t.

IMG_1418 copy

Washed my car for the first time in a few weeks. Fresh wax is so good.

IMG_1419 copy

Arif’s Civic right beside me.

IMG_1420 copy

Mario’s Focus ST laying low.

IMG_1422 copy


IMG_1424 copy

IMG_1426 copy

IMG_1428 copy

IMG_1431 copy

IMG_1433 copy

IMG_1436 copy

Terence’s BRZ – although I didn’t see him there at all lol. It seems to make an appearance without him most times.

IMG_1438 copy

IMG_1440 copy

Kelvin’s 1.6EL looking aggressive as ever. K20 swap, Air inlet on his headlight, Spoon calipers, massive Voltex wing out back. I love it.

IMG_1443 copy

One more shot

IMG_1445 copy

IMG_1446 copy

The ying yang pair lol.

IMG_1447 copy

Kelvin’s white RSX on white TE37’s. Exactly how I’d build it.

IMG_1449 copy

Brandon’s black RSX on Regas

IMG_1448 copy

IMG_1453 copy
Derrick’s Integra looking clean.

IMG_1457 copy

Tried to get a shot of the white Mustang but buddy on the right there was sitting on his front the whole time. When I skipped him, he stood up and started mean mugging me. Too bad – it was a nice Mustang on Volks too. Note: modeling your car = no pics.

IMG_1459 copy

This little dude was running all over the place. I’m thinking he wanted a pic in front of the RC-F.

IMG_1460 copy

IMG_1461 copy

A few more shots. I love the RC-F from the front… but I feel like the rear is not bulky enough to match.

IMG_1465 copy

Front spindle grill is awesome though.

IMG_1468 copy

IMG_1469 copy

IMG_1470 copy

Peep the couple doing the Salsa on the right. Not awkward for me.

IMG_1471 copy

IMG_1475 copy

Autodream’s boosted FRS

IMG_1476 copy

I feel like the owner could’ve washed his car a bit before showing up… but who am I to judge…

IMG_1479 copy

Joe’s FRS on a full TRD kit and CE’s. Clean.

IMG_1481 copy

xB with a whole bunch of model xB’s on the inside…

IMG_1482 copy

A lineup of tC’s

IMG_1483 copy

IMG_1484 copy

Iron Man themed tC

IMG_1486 copy

Gopesh’s GTI – so good.

IMG_1487 copy

Ricer angle to this pic.. Meh

IMG_1488 copy

Gopesh and Diana talking about Naruto and Attack on Titan. (not joking).

IMG_1489 copy

Behind them was a super mint 240. Pretty rare to see.

IMG_1490 copy

JC showed up a little later and started breaking necks.

IMG_1496 copy

This one was probably my favourite at the show. An xB converted to the JDM Rumion and rebadged. Super clean look. A little lower and this would be awesome.

IMG_1500 copy

From the rear quarter.

IMG_1501 copy

RB RX7 showed up later too…

IMG_1504 copy

Still one of my favourites… Mainly because it’s so rare around here. Very well done!

That’s it for this! Nice little day to get sunburned!

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