Driven x illmotion: It’s All In The Details

Doing something a little different mainly because I had the opportunity to while borrowing Corey’s F1.4mm lens – taking detail shots. Sure lots of people want to see the cars and the girls, but sometimes the details are overlooked. Details are what each owner focuses on when getting ready for a show – that speck of dirt by the lug nut? I better get rid of it before the whole damn crowd sees it. That little scuff on the bottom of the sideskirt? I better buff that out before people point it out. The truth of it all is that while the little details might not stand out to everyone walking about, they stand out like a sore thumb to the owners.

At the end of the day, details are details – I took a few shots of them… I wish I had the time and energy to walk around and take a bunch outside the illmotion booth but I didn’t…

Last post for driven! It’s been fun!

IMG_9679 copy

Up close of Gopesh’s BBS’s and his gold hardware and new red centercap.

IMG_9682 copy

Nick’s Advan GT’s with engraved spoke.

IMG_9685 copy

Punit’s new copper wheels tucked under the fender oh-so-perfectly.

IMG_9686 copy

Who doesn’t love smooth, clear headlights?

IMG_9688 copy

That smooth black.

IMG_9693 copy

A decal I asked Bill to cut for me a day before the show. The original design didn’t go as planned because it was too thin, but hopefully I’ll have something worked out soon.

IMG_9694 copy

Not a speck of dust.

IMG_9695 copy

Last one of my heap lol

IMG_9696 copy

Ricky’s SSR’s and the spectrum silver finish. Unfortunately they didn’t get to shine as bright as they could indoors, but look carefully and you’ll taste the rainbow.

IMG_9697 copy

Derrick’s Integra

IMG_9699 copy

Miracle X bar in the back

IMG_9701 copy

Trung’s Voltex S2000 and fresh Porsche GT3RS grey paint.

IMG_9704 copy

His Mugen Recaro seats inside. Insert money bag emoticon here.

IMG_9706 copy

Mike’s RX7 and the candy red paint with Car Shop Glow lights.

IMG_9708 copy

Noel’s 240 on WORK VS-KF’s

IMG_9710 copy

Up close of Donovan’s bronze/bronze WORK Meister S1 3PC

IMG_9712 copy

Phil’s carbon flared AE86

IMG_9717 copy

Errol’s bronze TE37’s. Timeless color.

IMG_9721 copy

Benjamin’s Voltex wing

IMG_9724 copy

Dat ass from out back.

IMG_9725 copy

IMG_9728 copy

Benjamin’s bagged and boosted TSX

IMG_9731 copy

Alex’s CE28’s paired with Project Mu BBK

IMG_9733 copy

Mugen equipped everything in Alex’s Integra

IMG_9734 copy

The first row line up.

IMG_9736 copy

Not sure if this is a detail but Punit has no chill.

IMG_9742 copy


IMG_9745 copy

JC’s VIP’d Out table equipped with Sake, Pocky and 50ct diamonds.

IMG_9747 copy

Diamonds are foreverrrrrrr

Last part of this Driven coverage will be with Donna Pham! Stay tuned!

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