Driven x illmotion: The Show – Part 2 of 2

Part 2 – on a roll!

IMG_9831 copy

An RSX from Winnipeg – gold faced VS-XX’s, and titanium hardware in the engine bay… I may or may not be wrong – but is this the owner of TiBurnt?

IMG_9833 copy

A “Tron” styled Lambo

IMG_9834 copy

ZR Auto’s booth. It was caged off and that’s usually a turn off for me when taking pics so I didn’t get much out of that booth…

IMG_9836 copy

Daniel’s super clean E55. This thing is immaculate – loved this look on WEDS wheels.

IMG_9838 copy

IMG_9842 copy

Crazy paint job. Not my thing, but cool nonetheless.

IMG_9843 copy

Brett’s bagged Cadillac CTS-V. It’s no slouch either…

IMG_9845 copy

A VW beetle on it’s own turf – this also one an award for best individual display. Well deserved.

IMG_9846 copy

One more of Brett’s CTS-V laid out.

IMG_9847 copy

IMG_9849 copy

Charlie’s freshly wrapped Supra in white on his new Work Meister S1’s.

IMG_9851 copy

This finish was interesting – it had an almost bubbly look – not sure if it was intended or whatnot – I assume it’s a wrap because I didn’t inspect any closer.

IMG_9853 copy

Over in the bag barn area… Crazy dumped trucks. Loved this one – cool to see at each show.

IMG_9854 copy

Mike’s static Ghia – looking good as always.

IMG_9856 copy

Again – I don’t know their real name – social media ruins us for this – but @mushroom_curry’s awesome VR6 on BBS’s

IMG_9857 copy

Jesse’s Passat looking awesome as well.

IMG_9858 copy

This was one of the cars that was at the VW show a few weeks back. Never saw the tank set up until the show.

IMG_9859 copy

Super cool look in the back. Also lol @ the sticker on his window.

IMG_9860 copy

A cool camo-themed B7

IMG_9861 copy

IMG_9862 copy

IMG_9863 copy

Super clean Porsche. Reminded me of JM Yang’s recent RWB Medusa build in its earlier stages.

IMG_9864 copy

A super cool “work in progress” the DUB Dynasty guys brought in… Going to be having a Subie swap soon and the finish will remain as is.

IMG_9865 copy

One more shot.

IMG_9866 copy

IMG_9867 copy

IMG_9868 copy

Cool bagged Impreza in the bag barn booth

IMG_9869 copy

IMG_9870 copy

A super mint Accord wagon. Everything was open so it didn’t make for a good picture…

IMG_9871 copy

IMG_9873 copy

Jimmy’s 240Z looking shiny as always in the VEX booth.

IMG_9874 copy

IMG_9875 copy

Giuseppe’s Skyline in the VEX booth – never get tired of this thing.

IMG_9877 copy

IMG_9878 copy

A wild GS with an LS swap.

IMG_9882 copy

Ray’s STI on Work Meister M1R’s

IMG_9886 copy

Ryan’s MR2 – another timeless build.

IMG_9888 copy

Another of Jimmy’s cars – his new M3 – you’ll probably recognize it from the shoot I did a few weeks prior as well.

IMG_9889 copy

IMG_9890 copy

IMG_9891 copy

IMG_9892 copy

My favourite car in the show was Autodream’s freshly built Rocket Bunny RX-7. There’s way too many RB FR-S’s and not enough of these. This was super nice. Love how wide it is.

IMG_9893 copy

One more shot. A better view of the rear quarter.

IMG_9896 copy

Beside the RX7 was a wild 240. The color scheme worked well – always a fan of green/black.

IMG_9897 copy

And another with a gold/black theme.

IMG_9899 copy

Simple matte white 350z on some deep dish.

IMG_9900 copy

A very nice midnight purple 240. Paint was immaculate – part of the beyond booth as well. Bravo.

IMG_9901 copy

Golf R also with legit society on WORK VS-XX’s

IMG_9902 copy

IMG_9903 copy

Another clean EP3 – rare to see these nowadays.

IMG_9904 copy

IMG_9905 copy

IMG_9908 copy

Back at the booth – Rich spinning some beats. Just to be clear – he takes requests, but if you request Clarity by Zedd, he will ignore you. (It’s quite sad, actually)

IMG_9913 copy

Back end of Nick’s GTR

IMG_0222 copy

The Compact Tuning Lab booth with the star players up front, it seems.

IMG_0223 copy

Awesome bagged GTI on BBS’s

IMG_0227 copy
Terence’s boosted BRZ – I shot this last year, you may recall.

IMG_0287 copy

I didn’t forget about this – another clean build from legit society was this 1/4 carbon’d STI hatch on S1R’s and new edirb seats.

IMG_0288 copy

A lambo in the beyond booth.

IMG_0289 copy

Shelton’s C63 AMG Black Series in matte black.

IMG_0290 copy

Don’s Golf R on Rotiform NUE’s.

IMG_0293 copy

Another from the ZR Auto booth – matte black Ferrari F40

IMG_0294 copy


IMG_0295 copy

IMG_0296 copy

A few more shots of the RB RX7 – couldn’t get enough.

IMG_0297 copy

And one more – Deep dish VS-XX’s paired with 326 Power spike lug nuts. IMO these lugs only look good on deep dished wheels. If your lugs stick out further than your wheels, we have a problem.

Part 2 done! The rest that are coming your way will be detail shots and of course – a full set of Donna Pham with the cars of the illmotion booth!

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