Driven x illmotion: The Show – Part 1 of 2

Now we move away from the illmotion booth and onto the rest of the show. Like I said in my previous post – there is a good chunk of cars that deserve recognition here. There is literally everything in-between: cars that have been in the works for 10+ years, cars that have rolled straight off the lot with some bolt-ons, and cars that really don’t fit into any one particular category, but showed up anyway. Like any show, there will be cars that people love and cars that people can’t seem to wrap their head around and that’s cool – at the end of the day, it’s just a gathering of people with the same interests – don’t get too butt hurt about what you don’t like – just don’t look at it. 🙂

As always – I tried my best to capture everything that I could – and if I didn’t (I’ll state it again for the millionth time), it’s because you were repping your car too damn hard by standing by it the whole show, there was a crowd, it was being judged, or you had models all over it and I wasn’t about to be labeled as one of many perv photogs at the show.


IMG_9673 copy

Started off at the beyond booth since they were right beside us but moved away pretty quickly due to people crowding…

IMG_9674 copy

IMG_9750 copy

IMG_9753 copy

A clean S2000 from legit society in Edmonton.

IMG_9754 copy

IMG_9756 copy

Daniel’s S2000 repping with legit society – freshly lowered too.

IMG_9760 copy

Hyundai Genesis also with legit society on WORK CR-Kai’s

IMG_9762 copy

This car is no stranger to shows – still very clean.

IMG_9764 copy

IMG_9766 copy

IMG_9770 copy

Apologize because I don’t know his real name and only his IG handle @bpalidwor – but I believe he’s from Saskatchewan and makes the trek over for shows. The last time I saw it was at the 780 Season Opener. I love the color.

IMG_9774 copy

Luke’s 350z from Team Revere.

IMG_9775 copy

IMG_9777 copy

Remember that FR-S I took at the 780 season opener and my comment about stock wheels? Well now he’s on TE37SL’s. Looks good.

IMG_9779 copy

IMG_9782 copy

Peter Luu’s FR-S from Edmonton – I have been a fan of Peter’s car since I kinda got into the FRS scene. Full TRD kit with fender fins, staggered TE37SL’s and a nice interior. I was hoping this was going to win best FRS, but unfortunately it did not.

IMG_9785 copy

A wild Lotus appears!

IMG_9788 copy

A widebody Evo with what looked to be titanium accents here and there. I believe it won best Evo? Correct me if I’m wrong.

IMG_9791 copy

A pretty nice 350Z on some wide S1R’s with Autodream. All it needed was a little more polish and this would have shined.

IMG_9792 copy

IMG_9794 copy

IMG_9795 copy

IMG_9798 copy

One of the FRS’s that Autodream was building for the show – boosted and all. Looks good.

IMG_9799 copy

One bike that stood out to me was this one with the hand painted panels…

IMG_9800 copy

A little more of an upclose. Thought it was cool

IMG_9802 copy

Another clean Corolla build from Autodream.

IMG_9803 copy

Not going to go into specifics with this FRS – but apparently the RB kit was a replica kit. I believe it had +50 and +80mm spacers on them as well. It was boosted so that was cool but I’m not a drama queen so I’ll leave it at that.

IMG_9804 copy

Carlo’s WRX made some quick progression over the last few months. Loving the red on red.

IMG_9806 copy

One more shot where you can see the APR wing a little better.

IMG_9807 copy

A super clean Chaser. This was another one of my favourites from the show – it was mint. Had a Japanese school girl/Hentai theme going on (not sure what that’s called lol). Pretty cool.

IMG_9808 copy

Another clean car from legit society was this Evo – I loved the concave ZE40’s. Beautiful wheels.

IMG_9809 copy

Kind of a gem that I’ve never seen before was this S2000 with a Mugen “smiley face” bumper. I’m not a huge fan of it, but it works well on yellow. This was nice for sure.

IMG_9810 copy

Another shot of the bumper.

IMG_9812 copy

Rad Mini Cooper – I think it had a partial CF hatch as well.

IMG_9813 copy

Was able to circle back to the beyond booth quickly…

IMG_9814 copy

IS-F on ADV1’s… The front tire was flat so I hope the owner was able to leave without an issue.

IMG_9816 copy

Another clean Evo X on aggressive CE28’s.

IMG_9817 copy

Back at the beyond booth – this Subaru Wagon in matte grey and wide fenders was deadly. I’m normally not a fan of bug eyes, but this was too cool.

IMG_9819 copy

Bill’s Ford Focus sedan looking clean as always.

IMG_9820 copy

Vlad’s Focus ST hatch right beside on gold RPF1’s

IMG_9821 copy

Derrick’s Camaro LS

IMG_9822 copy

Mario’s Focus ST hatch bagged on Work CR Kai’s – also winning an award later that night. Well deserved.

IMG_9823 copy

Kanji’s BRZ on new gold AG wheels in 19″.

IMG_9824 copy

Shane’s super clean boosted Integra. All of the work was done himself in his garage – very nice build.

IMG_9827 copy

Randy’s Lotus Exige I shot the next day (this photoshoot will be up in the coming days/weeks)

IMG_9828 copy

IMG_9829 copy

And to end this post off – Tommy’s beautiful M3 – also going on to win an award later. Not a tough decision either – details in his car are unmatched. A photoshoot of his car along with Randy’s Lotus should be up shortly after Driven posts!

2 thoughts on “Driven x illmotion: The Show – Part 1 of 2

  1. Thanks for the shot Jason! Man my car looks shiny.
    Side note – the owner of the brown Evo is Brooks. Had the chance to meet him in Edmonton and he’s a super nice guy.

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