50 Shades of M-Power: Jimmy’s BMW M3

The first shoot of the season is here!

This last weekend I shot Jimmy’s new BMW M3 – he slapped quite a few goodies on the car pretty quick which is no surprise. You may also remember his Lexus LS430, and his Datsun that I shot last year. There is no cutting corners on Jimmy’s builds and that is what sets him apart from similar builds. A lot of the M3’s you see are usually beat and under-cared for, and let’s not forget about the fact that most of the drivers are … *cough* douchebags. I know – some of you are probably reading this and you probably drive a BMW and you’re thinking to yourself “Man, I ain’t no douchebag!” and that may very well be true… I just want to say that I wasn’t the one that created that label so don’t hold me to it.

But we’re not here to talk about douchebags and labels, we’re here to talk about Jimmy and his M3 and him not being a douchebag.

IMG_9204 copy

Like always, I met up with JC at his place and then we swapped cars to meet downtown. You know how you always love to see your own car rolling but there’s rarely ever a chance for it to happen? Well it’s great!

IMG_9218 copy

We started off promptly…

IMG_9223 copy

Right away you notice the intercooler in the front opening.

IMG_9229 copy

Dat bump doe

IMG_9232 copy

IMG_9234 copy

Rear fitment of his matte black 57 Motorsport G07EX

IMG_9242 copy

Close up

IMG_9252 copy

IMG_9260 copy

Another shot of the two. Step brothers

IMG_9264 copy

A nice shot with the Saddledome in the back…

IMG_9275 copy

Better shot of the stance.

IMG_9279 copy

IMG_9284 copy

Awesome full Dixis Spirt titanium exhaust.

IMG_9289 copy

IMG_9304 copy


IMG_9324 copy

Cool shot I got while we were heading out for rolling shots. Reflections are always awesome when you’re driving past glass windows/doors.

IMG_9365 copy

IMG_9438 copy

Bridge run!

IMG_9477 copy

IMG_9522 copy

Done! Overall – a good first shoot in the bag! More to come soon!

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