780 Season Opener – The Trip

This weekend was the 780 Season Opener in Edmonton so we decided to make the trek up to check it out again. The last time we went was probably 2 or 3 years ago (I can’t remember) and it was decent. For the most part, it was just a good time to cruise up, chill and hang out with some friends. The meet itself was exactly that – a meet… Nothing too spectacular but there was a lot of heat that night. Burnouts, revving, just dumb shit. In short, the best part of the last trip up to Edmonton was the trip up to Edmonton and back down to Calgary.

Anyway, I took a lot of pics of our little day journey since the meet itself didn’t start until 7PM. A small group of us met up at 10AM and then we were on our way. There isn’t much to do in Edmonton – I think most people that live in Edmonton can vouch for that and the fact that their roads are not low-car friendly. In fact, their roads seem to have gone through multiple mini earthquakes with no fix in sight. But I digress…

Let’s just get started on our little adventure.

IMG_8722 copy

We all met up at Tim’s for some quick breakfast before we hit the road. Quick shot of Gopesh’s new look for the year and Rich up front.

IMG_8725 copy

Rolling out.

IMG_8727 copy

Made it to Red Deer in record time.

IMG_8728 copy]

IMG_8729 copy

Gopesh tightening his intake. Came loose cause he has no chill on the highway.

IMG_8733 copy

Rich rolled in shortly after

IMG_8737 copy

I loved this shot for some reason. You can see how wide Gopesh’s rear looks from here.

IMG_8782 copy

Diana snapped a good pic of Arif rolling. Another new look for this year is his yellow CE28’s

IMG_8807 copy

We stopped at IHOP for brunch – it seems like it’s tradition now lol. We go to IHOP in Edmonton cause the one in Calgary is too far šŸ˜›

Trung also showed up in his newly painted Voltex S2000 (you might remember I shot it last year). It’s now coated in Porsche GT3RS grey. More pics further down…

IMG_8808 copy

After IHOP, the next stop was at Duchess Bakeshop – rated one of the best bakeries and a “you need to eat here before you die” as per Buzzfeed. Diana wanted to get some snacks while we were here.

IMG_8812 copy

Inside was super fancy and pretty big. Super busy

IMG_8814 copy

We were a little late so they were running out of treats

IMG_8815 copy

Line up…

IMG_8818 copy

Arif and his pick up.

IMG_8819 copy

Squad goals

IMG_8820 copy

Another shot of Trung’s S2000

IMG_8821 copy

IMG_8822 copy

Sorry you parked in front of a pole, Rich.

IMG_8823 copy

IMG_8824 copy

Damn this woman.

IMG_8825 copy

IMG_8827 copy

Next up we decided to check out the FRS meet that was happening – we parked in this lot and we were told that they were en route to this location. So we waited…

IMG_8828 copy

IMG_8829 copy

Big wangs

IMG_8831 copy

Some started showing up. A pretty clean BRZ

IMG_8832 copy

Fairly stock FRS on Advan TC’s

IMG_8833 copy

IMG_8834 copy

Another on simple bronze TE37’s

IMG_8835 copy

Donovan’s FRS on the custom bronze on bronze Work Meister’s

IMG_8837 copy

Then we were told they were at the original location still so we went there next. Once we showed up, they all left… So weird. Makes for a good opportunity to take more pics of our cars šŸ™‚

IMG_8838 copy

Mean muggin’

IMG_8840 copy

Chillin some more…

IMG_8842 copy

IMG_8844 copy

Josh was there in his FRS as well – looking clean on Work Meister S1R’s

IMG_8846 copy

Another shot of Trung’s S2000. Looks different in every angle

IMG_8847 copy

Parked next to his competition…

IMG_8849 copy

IMG_8850 copy

IMG_8852 copy

IMG_8853 copy

Found out that this house belonged to the owner of the Edmonton Oilers. Pretty baller.

IMG_8854 copy

IMG_8855 copy


IMG_8857 copy

Random shots

IMG_8859 copy

A quick shot of Josh’s new Valenti headlights. It was cool to see this in person!

IMG_8866 copy

Next we headed over to Daniel’s shop to chill and check out some cool shit. This truck was probably one of the coolest ones there – equipped with a Cummins…

IMG_8867 copy

Another one with a blower – this one is never driven anymore because they don’t want rock chips lol

IMG_8869 copy

IMG_8870 copy


IMG_8871 copy

A work in progress…

IMG_8872 copy

IMG_8873 copy

Corvette engine in the back

IMG_8875 copy

So many gems here. 20″ wide wheels in the rear. So much dish – I forgot to take a pic… But it had to be at least 10″ lips

IMG_8876 copy

This one was a daily driver. Too sick.

IMG_8881 copy

Wall of bikes.

IMG_8884 copy

IMG_8887 copy

It was t-minus 2 hours till the meet and the clouds were looking mean.

IMG_8888 copy

Inside the other building was this bad ass truck. It was huge!

IMG_8889 copy

The finish on the metal was smooth as silk. Too awesome.

IMG_8890 copy

Huge intake pipe.

Next part will be whatever I could get at the show. Early warning now – there isn’t much content because it was just a mess but I got what I could…

2 thoughts on “780 Season Opener – The Trip

  1. Amazing what a small world the community is. A week later I was up in Edmonton for TrackJunkies’ street legal nights and that crazy blue Evo was the pace car for my laps:

    You know the owner? I was chatting him up after the laps about info on the track days and groups there and he was super chill and nice.

    • Unfortunately I do not. But he is friends with Trung – the owner of the Voltex S2000 and they are pretty evenly matched. He did seem like a nice guy in the super short time that I did converse/take pics.

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