More T1R Exhaust Pr0n

Just took a few more detail shots of the exhaust while it was still minty and clean.

I didn’t get a chance to record a sound clip cause it’s kinda late and I didn’t want to be a bigger ricer on the block than I already am… I’ll try to get it later on during the week when I get home earlier.

I’m totally loving the new sound. I’m sure everyone can agree that an exhaust is one of the best mods you can do!

IMG_8590 copy

Under shot of the dual split canisters

IMG_8596 copy

Close up shot of the welds.

IMG_8600 copy

The angle of the tips flow perfectly with the bumper. Didn’t even need any adjustment.

IMG_8601 copy

Up close of the gradient burn. A nice touch

IMG_8604 copy

Another shot of the mufflers and the T1R badging

IMG_8605 copy

And and up close of the new T1R tip with the slotted interior. Looks a lot nicer and refined than just plain outlet.

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