Install: T1R Dual Sparrow Exhaust

After a long wait, my exhaust finally came through! Thanks to Nick and Ben at AJ-R for bringing it in for me! As always, appreciate the awesome service and products!

I was debating exhausts for a long time and admittedly, I really wanted the Amuse exhaust – but it’s not written in the stars for me yet. There are a lot of choices out and variants out there that it can be overwhelming to choose something. I haven’t really seen many people other with the T1R dual sparrow exhaust except for the test cars that Ben has. It’s a good looking piece and it sounds good too.

I was waiting all week for it and before we left the house for dinner, I got a call saying that it came at around 530PM. Diana and I headed over and picked it up and in a few hours, the guys (JC, Punit, and Rich) all came over to help install!

IMG_8532 copy

Car up on jacks… Rich vaping… Top Gear on! We were ready to roll.

IMG_8534 copy


IMG_8537 copy

Nicely wrapped.

IMG_8538 copy

Shiny shiny!

IMG_8539 copy

The new T1R tips with the slotted insides. I didn’t get a good shot now that I think about it… I’ll take better shots soon and post them up.

IMG_8545 copy

This was the first time I saw Rich’s car in person since he’s had the new wheels on. The LE37’s look way better and they’re 19’s too

IMG_8547 copy

The hatch club.

IMG_8548 copy

IMG_8549 copy

The piece all laid out ready to go.

IMG_8552 copy

Rich unbolting the mid section

IMG_8554 copy

Punit grabbed the camera and started taking shots. Always a good time when I get to see a different perspective lol

IMG_8555 copy

IMG_8556 copy

The old system. Heavy and ugly lol

IMG_8559 copy

Rich and I positioning the mufflers into the hangers

IMG_8562 copy

Rich was bolting up the center portion while the mufflers hung.

IMG_8563 copy

Just a little shot of it

IMG_8564 copy

Since there were more bodies than there were tools, JC polished up the new pieces as we were removing the old pieces and watching some Top Gear.

IMG_8566 copy

More polishing…

IMG_8567 copy

All shined up!

IMG_8569 copy

Punit tightening up the last few bolts

IMG_8573 copy

Took a walk-around to check out some new additions… JC’s VIP’d Out table. Looks wicked.

IMG_8576 copy

Punit and his Integra. He hasn’t brought this thing out in a long ass time. It was nice to see.

IMG_8577 copy

The FR-S and Diana’s Fit…

IMG_8578 copy

JC’s CT200h on fleek. There’s still a few changes coming for him… I’m stoked to see how that turns out too.

IMG_8579 copy

Squad goals.

IMG_8581 copy

All Fast and Furious-like…

IMG_8585 copy

And one last ass shot to end it off. I chose the T1R system specifically because I loved how the mufflers split out rather than have one center piece. Looks a lot more aggressive.

I’ll try to do some sound clips soon and post them up!

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