Cherry Blossoms & Selfies

Next stop on the list was to get some sick shots of Cherry Blossoms. Admittedly, this was the first time I’ve ever really seen them in person and in full bloom like this. I was adamant that we find the BEST spot for these so we searched Google and surprise surprise – one of the links was something like “25 best spots to see Cherry Blossoms in Vancouver” LOL. I ended up settling on Burrard Station where they were everywhere! Tons of good ops for pics too… First of all, I apologize because this post lacks car content but contains lots of awesome pink flowers.

Here we go!

IMG_7661 copy

The entrance to Burrard station. You can already see how awesome this is.

IMG_7663 copy

The best view.

IMG_7664 copy

Diana and Shereen taking selfies

IMG_7668 copy

IMG_7678 copy

Cherry blossom petals everywhere

IMG_7680 copy

Some random shoes hanging up on one of the branches

IMG_7681 copy

IMG_7687 copy

A cool shot I got of Diana with a petal falling.

IMG_7693 copy

Some jumping shots

IMG_7699 copy

IMG_7706 copy

Rare shot of Diana and I lol

IMG_7703 copy

Thought this was a cool shot… Matched her scarf perfectly.

IMG_7717 copy

The next stop was Stanley Park to check out the view

IMG_7721 copy

This dude chilled with us for a bit

IMG_7748 copy

Then we stopped at the hollow tree…

IMG_7751 copy

If you’re interested in the history…

IMG_7754 copy

A full on shot. It doesn’t look like it here, but people used to back their cars up into the trunk for pics and stuff but there is a big rock in place of that entryway to prevent that now…

IMG_7758 copy

More big trees with cool looking moss all over…

IMG_7759 copy

IMG_7762 copy

The next day, I hopped on the ferry to Victoria bright and early to meet Jackie and crew for some photoshoots!

IMG_7769 copy

A cool little 1.5 hour ride. It was cool for my first time in about 20 years…

IMG_7779 copy

Hipster shot.

IMG_7780 copy

As I was walking around the ferry, I went into one of the shops and had to get a shot of this lol

IMG_7785 copy

The next posts you can look forward to include Ben’s NSX… Which is SUPER mint btw. Looks like it came right off the showroom floor.

IMG_7786 copy

And finally, Chris’s J-Swap Civic… Stay tuned!

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