Visit to AJ-Racing!

We are finally back from our BC trip! So I have some updates and some good photoshoots coming your way too! It was nice being away for the last 5 days and getting a nice break from work for a little bit… But unfortunately, all good things must come to an end and it’s back to reality for me tomorrow.

We landed in BC on Thursday night and just settled in that night. The next morning, we were up early and started our adventures…

I’ll start it off with the first stop on our trip! AJ-Racing! Ben at AJR is the one that I purchased the Voltex wing for my STI for and also my TE37’s for the FRS, so I really wanted to check out the shop and snap some pics.

IMG_7587 copy

Sara – Diana’s cousin – picked us up from the airport and we were on our way back to their house…

IMG_7589 copy

Diana’s Uncle and Aunt were gracious enough to let us stay in their house for the few days that we were there for.

IMG_7591 copy

It rained pretty much every day that we were there… Lives up to it’s “Rain City” name…

IMG_7592 copy

Our first stop was AJ-R. Eric was awesome about chauffeuring us around on Friday to all the places we wanted to go. AJ-R was quite the drive from Surrey, so without him we wouldn’t have been able to drop in.

IMG_7593 copy

Inside, I met Ben and he invited us into the shop to take some pics. Unfortunately, Ben did not have his BRZ nor his GTR because they were getting some work done… However, there were two cars in particular worth taking some quick snaps of. The first one is this C-WEST x Rocket Bunny FRS on Advan GT’s

IMG_7594 copy

It’s also boosted. Super clean!

IMG_7595 copy

IMG_7597 copy

A shot of the Advan GT’s under the RB fenders and the TRD fender fins…

IMG_7598 copy

Above it was a Fiat getting some work done.

IMG_7599 copy

Their work tables… Ben said the shop was way messier than usual, so take my pics with a grain of salt if you’re judging the shop by them…

IMG_7608 copy

Off to the side was Jackie’s S2000 getting tons of new upgrades. I will not post the shots until it’s officially completed… But here’s a few teaser shots.

IMG_7610 copy

His new set up on custom candy blue Volk TE37’s with AP Racing brakes peeping from behind. Jackie also ditched some of the low for some functionality on meatier tires.

IMG_7613 copy

In the other corner was a pretty clean ITR. That was pretty much it for the shop cars that day. Unfortunately, Ben got his BRZ back the next day and I didn’t get a chance to go back…

IMG_7616 copy

Up in the store front was more goodies – a racing simulator set up.

IMG_7617 copy

On the wall was a bunch of familiar cars from Calgary – Nick’s S2000 here…

IMG_7618 copy

In the center was suspension on suspension on suspension. Cusco, ALEX… I wanted to pick up the Cusco front brace so bad! But no place to put it…

IMG_7620 copy

Here – a wall of goodies behind the glass cabinets. Some items for sale, some not…

IMG_7621 copy

Carbon goodies and Asimo dolls.

IMG_7622 copy

Here is a collection of Spoon/Ralli Art pieces…

IMG_7624 copy

Here is some T1R stuff. Peep the Titanium T1R lugs…

IMG_7625 copy

More goodies…

IMG_7627 copy

Up top was some scale models of awesome cars. Not for sale unfortunately… I know, because I wanted to buy it.

IMG_7630 copy

JDM goodies here. NSX-R horn button was a goody here.

IMG_7632 copy

The trophies that they’ve collected over the years

IMG_7633 copy

Some wheels on display

IMG_7634 copy

On the other side of the braces were coilovers – Ohlins, T1R, Cusco…

IMG_7635 copy

And right beside that was the wall of exhausts, pipes, intakes..

IMG_7636 copy

Here is the T1R sparrow exhaust for an STI

IMG_7637 copy

A T1R Titanium exhaust

IMG_7638 copy

A rack of some awesome magazines.

IMG_7639 copy

The one that caught my eye was this one… I also wanted to buy this but no-go on this one too…

IMG_7640 copy

A collection of racing suits on the other wall.

That was pretty much all the stuff that was going on at AJ-R. I regret not being able to come back, but it was still nice to check it out. It was reminiscent of Speedtech back in the day and it makes me miss a place to chill and just do all things cars… Thanks to Ben for letting us hang out and take some pics!

Moving onto the next part of our day…

IMG_7645 copy

Eric took us down to Gastown for some brunch and to check out some hipster places to eat.

IMG_7646 copy

We ended up at Catch 122 for some brunch where all items are $12. That’s a steal!

IMG_7648 copy

Simple menu with lots of good eats

IMG_7651 copy

Checking out the menu.

IMG_7653 copy

I ended up getting the Dirty Breakfast. Duck Confit, Potatoes deep fried in Duck Fat, two sunny side up eggs with homemade maple glazed beans. Pretty dece!

IMG_7655 copy

I don’t remember what Eric got but I think it was Eggs Benedict with Duck.

IMG_7654 copy

And Diana got a pulled pork grilled cheese sandwich.

IMG_7656 copy

After that, we just walked around and checked out some stuff. Tons of cool little shops that Calgary lacks. Despite all the rain, I still want to move here…

IMG_7659 copy

One last shot of Diana in a cool alley near where we parked… I’ll have the next set up soon!

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