2015 International Auto Show

It’s that time of year again where we make our annual trip to the auto show to check out new whips and for Diana to get free things – it’s a good compromise.

Lots of cool cars like always – super busy but always a good time to hang with the dudes. Thanks to JC for the free tickets! The car pics will start after our little pre-show caffeine load up.

Diana and I decided to head to Cafe Blanca before the show to check out the new ways of making hipster coffee. I had to take some pics cause it was hella cool. It’s called Siphon Coffee and it’s an elaborate way of making coffee and it’s currently the only cafe in Calgary that does it this way. Didn’t look like too many people in the cafe knew about it but it’s definitely worth trying once… Check it out:

IMG_7470 copy

Siphon coffee starts off with a flask and a heated element underneath – the red base in the pic. It’s quite the chemistry-looking set up.

IMG_7471 copy

Next, a glass goes on top. The bottom flask is filled with water and there is a siphon in the center that connects to the top.

IMG_7474 copy

As the bottom flask heats up, the water rises and transfers into the top glass.

IMG_7476 copy

From there, coffee grinds of your choice are measured perfectly to match with the amount of water and then added to the heated water in the top glass.

IMG_7478 copy

Here she is using a wooden stick to remove the gasses that form at the top of the coffee.

IMG_7479 copy

Once the gasses are gone, the mixture falls back down into the bottom flask since there is no more heat to hold it in the top glass.

IMG_7481 copy

Once it’s separated, you have your coffee grounds in the top of the glass and fresh siphoned coffee in another flask! The difference between this way is that you get a really natural tasting coffee where it’s not sour or bitter. Once the process is complete, the smell of the grounds is significantly different from the siphoned coffee. It’s pretty cool!

IMG_7483 copy

And here we enjoy the siphoned coffee. Awesome little place to try out. /end foodie post.
Now onto car pics!

IMG_7485 copy

We start the show with the new Dodge Viper. I love that Dodge has kept the general look of the Viper that we are all so used to. The fender lines, even the center stripes.

IMG_7487 copy

A pricey Dodge Charger SRT at $80,000. Nice bronze wheels and huge Brembo brakes right behind them.

IMG_7492 copy

A very awesome B6 Alpina with those classic Alpina wheels.

IMG_7493 copy

Front end is amazing.

IMG_7498 copy

IMG_7504 copy

Rolls Royce… Once again, there’s a house sitting right there.

IMG_7507 copy

Awesome Bentley

IMG_7508 copy

A matte wrapped Acura TLX lowered on Vossens. It was dece… I’m not a fan of the new Acura models for some reason. They’re more mature-looking.

IMG_7512 copy

IMG_7516 copy

IMG_7517 copy

Had to get a shot of one of the twins – BRZ.

IMG_7519 copy

Front end shot of the Nismo 370Z. It was tough to get a shot of the full car because all the fanboys were crowding it along with the GTR over to the left. The abuse these cars go through is crazy…

IMG_7525 copy

One of the cooler cars there was this race-built FRS. Scion always has interesting ricer cars in their booth for people like us.

IMG_7526 copy

Awesome wheel and brake set up with Volk CE28RT’s and AP Racing brakes behind.

IMG_7528 copy

JC and Punit decided it was worth pointing the imperfections out on a car that actually gets tracked lol. Disrespect.

IMG_7531 copy

Rear quarter shot. Valenti tails and what looks to be a Tomei type 80?

IMG_7533 copy

IMG_7536 copy

In the back of the Scion booth was a Rocket Bunny-esque Scion Tc on velvet blue Gram Lights. Pretty cool.

IMG_7540 copy

Over in the Honda booth was a pretty cool Fit all snazzed up.

IMG_7541 copy

The front end was pretty awesome with the Mugen front. I love how they’re starting to pay more attention to good-quality parts and bringing them to shows like this.

IMG_7542 copy

Another shot of the Mugen front.

IMG_7544 copy

Race set up inside.

IMG_7545 copy

A $30,000 Mazda3 hatch… Not sure I would ever pay for that though.

IMG_7546 copy

A classic take on the VW Beetle.

IMG_7548 copy

The new Nissan Titan with the new Cummins engine inside. Thing was huge.

IMG_7549 copy

The Juke – always a cool looking car.

IMG_7552 copy

The Mercedes AMG GT. Reminiscent of the SLS but without the gullwing doors.

IMG_7558 copy

The Mercedes S63 – Another bad ass car.

IMG_7561 copy

And it continues with the Audi RS7.

IMG_7560 copy

IMG_7563 copy

My favourite of the whole show was Infiniti’s Q80 Concept. It’s sad that the Calgary show doesn’t get to see many of the concept vehicles like the FT-1, but this was awesome.

IMG_7564 copy

Front end was definitely cool.

IMG_7565 copy

Awesome LED headlights

IMG_7566 copy

Another shot

IMG_7568 copy

And the rear. Super futuristic looking which will probably not carry over…

IMG_7569 copy

The Lexus RC-F. Super awesome looking in person. Reminds me of all the hype that came out when the IS-F was released.

IMG_7572 copy

Love the spindle grill on all the Lexus vehicles.

IMG_7574 copy

The CT200h. JC you need this front end in your life lol

IMG_7575 copy

The RC350. Still equally as cool as the F model.

IMG_7576 copy

Ass shot. Lexus did good on both the front and rear of the RC-F.

IMG_7578 copy

The guys entertained with a touchscreen that did nothing. lol

IMG_7581 copy

Super badass Camaro Z28. I would rock the shit out of this thing.

IMG_7582 copy

Same with the Corvette. Chevrolet is killing it.

IMG_7585 copy

We’ll end the show with Punit and the typical car show picture. This is so he can post it on his social media and look cool.

Hope you enjoyed!

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