Beatsonic Shark Fin!

Finally getting around to the last few pieces to the car for this year (I think). I’ve been wanting to get rid of the damn stock antenna for the longest time but I’ve been putting off actually ordering the antenna for multiple reasons. There were a few that I was debating on: TOM’s, TRD, Beatsonic, Modellista… And while I favored the TRD one the most, I just couldn’t find stock or a reputable seller… Albeit, I didn’t really look that hard.

I settled on the Beatsonic one because I’ve heard good things about them and it was the one that was easily attainable. At the end of the day, as long as I could get rid of the long ass antenna, I’ll do whatever. JC also wanted to order one up for his CT cause he’s also got an antenna so we split on shipping and that was that… On that same note – not naming and names or anything… I love supporting local shops if I can, but when these same local shops you want to support are asking for $140 for shipping on a $115 product – it just doesn’t make any sense, especially when I can order straight from the manufacturer and have $30 shipping. If you’re shipping quote is more than the product itself, something is wrong. Sorry for the rant – I’m still bitter about it.

Anyway, just some shots if you’re interested

IMG_7402 copy

Nice packaging. Super clean.

IMG_7403 copy

JC’s fin also packaged nicely.

IMG_7404 copy

Out in the garage still… It’s screaming to be driven in this weather

IMG_7405 copy

I thought that it was the perfect time to remove the covers finally. I’ll be polishing and waxing the whole thing soon.

IMG_7407 copy

The stock antenna… So ugly.

IMG_7408 copy

Screws off nice and easy

IMG_7409 copy

Cut the template out and tape down.

IMG_7411 copy

Screw the piece on.

IMG_7412 copy

Peel the adhesive backing and push down.

IMG_7415 copy

VOILA. I love how it flows so much better with the roof of the car.

IMG_7417 copy

Up close. Don’t mind the linty stuff, I cleaned it with the alcohol wipe lol. Fitment is perfect.

IMG_7418 copy

A shot from the back…

It’s almost time to pull her out!! Just a few more things!

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