More Alcantara = More Wrap

Well, I made the mistake (or was it?) of going back into the garage and just sitting in the car again and I eventually found more interior pieces I could pop off and wrap again. I had some leftover material and decided to go out and get a little bit more while I was at it just in case I found more pieces… These pieces aren’t as big of a project as the first time I did it but it’s still something nonetheless.

I totally feel like I’m a pro at this now… Albeit these were simple pieces to wrap… lol!

IMG_7236 copy

The pieces I took off were the cluster hood and the two A-pillars. Not really noticeable pieces but still nice to do. I might as well just do the whole dash soon…

IMG_7238 copy

Leftover pieces…

IMG_7239 copy

The first A-pillar to wrap.

IMG_7240 copy

Cut out to fit.

IMG_7241 copy

Top portion wrapped and pressed.

IMG_7242 copy

The edges all done! I definitely learned a lot from the last time I did it so I was able to breeze through these without much issue.

IMG_7243 copy

The top part of the cluster hood

IMG_7244 copy

The underside. Trimmed around.

IMG_7245 copy

Here you can see where I cut out notches to wrap around the clips

IMG_7249 copy

My favourite part of the hood was the little indent that shows through the fabric.

IMG_7250 copy

All done and ready to go in! Took about an hour for all three…

IMG_7254 copy

In! Apologize for the bad photos… Tough to get a good photo in the garage and with it all black inside.

IMG_7261 copy

A further out shot. Now that  look at it, I think I will just find out how to take the dash apart and wrap it all… It’ll put the finishing touch on the dash for sure.

12 thoughts on “More Alcantara = More Wrap

  1. Awesome work as always! Are you going to wrap the inner silver pieces by the hvac controls? Or you could get the black plastic pieces like you did with the buttons. Just a thought.

    Also I’ve always wondered, is it safe to drive around with a wheel like that? I always felt like I would be paranoid about getting into an accident with one and not having an airbag. But maybe a 4 point harness would keep you held in that situation better. Hope my paranoia doesn’t rub off on you haha.

    I know I comment on a lot of your 86 posts lol, I live vicariously through your build.

    • Thank you sir!

      You know what, I was totally thinking of wrapping those silver pieces but the thought of having to take the dash apart again just turned me off. Not that it’s hard or anything but I’ve done it so many times that I hate it now LOL. I’m sure I’ll get to it sooner or later… I didn’t know there were black pieces though! Is it from the BRZ or RS/Monogram/10-series?

      To be completely honest – it’s probably not safe. You lose your front air bag… I suppose I’m just taking a chance on something I hope never happens. A harness for sure would help but I won’t be doing that until I get new seats. I’ve ran aftermarket steering wheels before, but I get your paranoia!

      I don’t mind the comments at all! I’m glad at least some people are enjoying it lol!

  2. great wrapping! You bet you kill it during xmas time haha

    Do you think wrapping the interior would also act as a buffer for the infamous “subaru rattle” especially when wrapping over the plastic clips? IE: A pillars, dashboard, center console, etc?? I know you only wrapped around the notch…
    I am in the process of removing my interior to wrap with some vinyl/ plastidip. I would think the alcantara wrap is of thicker material. I tried using the foam tape method but over time, the clips eat away at it and the rattle continues.

    • haha thanks! It’s the exact opposite actually – I hate wrapping presents but I’ll spend hours wrapping a car part until it’s perfect LOL.
      You know what, I could totally see it being helpful. Wrapping the pieces generally makes the fitment more snug and tight when I put them back and the material around the whole piece could act as a slight cushion to the plastic rubbing/hitting each other.
      I didn’t really notice many rattles when I owned the STI nor with my FRS so I wouldn’t be able to compare to tell you… But I see the validity in it!

    • Thank you sir. I found some at fabricland by chance – but be warned: employees have no idea what the hell it is. I was searching for a good 45 minutes and found one buried. There are some places online as well I imagine… I just don’t know where.

  3. Fantastic result..! Found my way here via a Google Search as am planning on refreshing the cabin of my old 4Runner.. Thanks for the instruction and photos..!

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