(Some) Overdue Wedding Photos

With the recent slow down of car parts and posts, I’ve kind of been slacking in all departments – I’m on an Netflix Anime-watching spree lately and since it’ll be a couple more weeks till I get the last remaining parts, so I just end up lazing around. I’m basically just waiting for nice weather to come because it’s just around the corner… If I do what I typically do, then the car will be out by mid to late March but I’m not sure if I want to risk the rocks this time… But impatience always gets the best of me. We’ll see!

Anyway, as I was thinking of something to post to keep the blog alive, it occurred to me that I didn’t really post any post-wedding photos taken by Lanny and Erika from Two-Mann. I think when Diana and I received the pictures, we were so stoked that we just kept watching the slideshow and reminiscing so much that we didn’t do much with them after the fact. We still haven’t even printed them yet! As I was going through my e-mail, I noticed the link and decided to pick a few favourites to post as a space-filler until more relevant things come up. Out of almost 1000 pictures, I only picked 20 or so of my favourites.

Erika and Lanny can be found here: http://twomann.com/

I will say this again – I wish we could replay that wedding day all over again. Time goes by way too fast these days…


Morning selfies


Anxiously waiting for the guys to arrive for a lip sync battle


The girls killing it to Spice Girls



More selfies


Group shot!


I don’t know who this girl is.


My sister helping Diana put her garter on.

DJ_0418 as Smart Object-1

I think this was one of my favourite photos – the look on Sara’s face is priceless. These are the types of photos that I love.


Getting ready to walk!


Jonah holding the ring boxes


I think this photo was put up as Erika and Lanny’s favourite photo of the day. It was also put up for a bunch of other entries as well for wedding photography. Jonah let a bunch of tears out when we were reciting our vows. I love this photo because it’s not every day you see a little boy get caught up in all the emotion as he stands there with the rest of the groomsmen.


Our turn for selfies.


Big group shot.




I will admit though, Diana and I were all nervous about getting shots taken of us. We (especially myself) aren’t always on the other side of the camera and having shots taken of us was even more nerve-racking. How did we look? Are we posing right? Where do I look? That was stressful LOL




red bottoms or no bottoms.


Loved the use of light here.


And the last one (of many). Happy Tuesday!

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